Gaon Chart Topper, MC Mong: Sick Enough to Die

My exposure to MC Mong was literally only through the Haha Mong Show for a long time (the show itself will most likely get its own entry, if things continue like this), so imagine when I first came across his music. His latest song, Sick Enough to Die, topped Gaon this week and is doing well on other charts, and Blue Brand Trauma Part II, of which Sick Enough to Die is the title track, is also selling strongly in open competition with Taeyang’s Solar and Suju’s Repackaged 4th Album. Blue Brand is an amazing project that brings together some of the best popular rappers/singers of every label to create some good R&B music.

I listened to Trauma Part I because BEG’s Jea and Miryo join for a track, and I personally idolize both. They also collaborate for another track in Part II, but I have yet to give the rest of the album a careful listen, so expect this post to be updated.

I think I figured out why songs like Sick Enough to Die or even miss A’s Bad Girl Good Girl are doing well. Honestly, the public is getting sick of mainstream songs. The rise of ‘idol music’ has been unending since Gee exploded onto the scene (before there was at least more variety, say if you compare WG’s Nobody to BB’s Lies to SG Wannabe’s Arirang), and it’s been one catchy but identical song after another. The discontent and boredom with the new groups debuting with mainstream songs further prove the problem.

Sick Enough to Die provides a welcome relief. It’s not a hugely promoted song, and the Blue Brand project itself is meant as an avenue for musical creativity, but both have seen huge receptions by the public. This song is very smooth and mellow, a good female vocals + smooth rap track that highly makes me remember and miss Epik High.  I think it has long lasting value as opposed to the massive but sudden appeal of mainstream songs–it’s like a sweet potato to mainstream’s candy bar: it’s a different kind of sweet and tasty, but will last longer (and have better health benefits XD). As I mentioned in the miss A entry, BGGG is mellow, mainstream enough but classy (and not autotuned–autotune means automatic music criticism death for most songs these days).

Lastly, I appreciate the darker lyrics of the song, it’s lack of “saranghae” or any of its variants (it’s like the word ‘baby’ in English songs–it’s so overused I want to tear my throat out, and a carrying quality that makes me want to listen to this more than the other million and one ballads coming out.

Thank you, MC Mong, for enlightening me that you can do so much more than cross-dress as an umma-ahjumma. Though that is fantastic too.

Credit: MVWORLDs


2 thoughts on “Gaon Chart Topper, MC Mong: Sick Enough to Die

    • I know, isn’t it? It’s stuff like this and Epik High that helps me chill when I’m sick of “mainstream” stuff. That or I really go alternative and go all the way back to some Mendelssohn or something XD

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