OMG This Made My DAY

Thank you DKpopnews!

So this was apparently in Strong Heart. Someone go effing sub this episode now. Wait. It comes out on the 20th. Fml.

Big Band member Taeyang made a surprise confession on the SBS show Strong Heart today saying that “Last winter, I went on a blind date with SNSD member Yuri. Even now we stay in touch and are doing well.”

“Taeyang recently released his first full solo album, Solar, which contains a song titled “I Need a Girl” – was this song a true expression of his feelings?

During the taping of the show, Taeyang stated, “I have never dated. But, this year, I would really like to meet a girl that I like and try dating.” This then caused Big Bang member Seungri, who was seated next to Taeyang, to make this surprise announcement. “It seems that Taeyang-hyung really wants to have a girlfriend. He even went to a SNSD concert without telling any of us other members,” Seungri said.

How serious are they? Well, Taeyang went on to say, “If I was in a really deep relationship with Yuri, I would not be able to make this kind of confession here. We talk often and talk a lot about music. We have become really good colleagues.

Omg this was so out of nowhere. And I just rewatched Yuri in K.Will’s Dropping the Tears MV yesterday. Idk if these two fit, but they would make one hella hot couple.

Credit: DKpopnews
Original: soompi (where else -__-)


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