Queen of 4D: Sandara Park

There is nothing wrong with being 4D. If I learned anything this year it’s that it’s overrated to try to hold up a false, professional front–it makes you look sleezy. I was totally at the park this year and acting like an excited 6 year old, making all Asian mothers with their children at the playground stare at me and probably whisper to their kids, “don’t be like that–there’s a delinquent in the making, mark my words…” Granted, I’m a lot younger than Dara, but wtf is 4D. It’s not a mental disease, you know.

But she does take the cake of being the 4D queen. I finally figured out Dara’s role in 2NE1’s private life. She’s the glue of the group, the weird one you can’t help but be friends with, whose antics make you look normal and feel better about yourself while simultaneously feeling jealous you aren’t having as much fun. Without her, 2NE1 would be a really awkward group of people with strong personalities–she’s the ice breaker (same for Daesung of Big Bang, now that we’re talking YG. Can you imagine how awkward BB would be without him?).

I love CL for being an ahjumma–she’s literally the polar opposite of Sandara. A commenter once wrote about CL, that “I love her because she’s so boring in real life.” Maybe boring’s not the right word, but the gist is true. CL really explodes on stage, but is just a nice, normal girl off camera. It’s refreshing. Sometimes I have nightmares that idols really are their stage personalities–it’s too weird. I like her more that she shows she’s just another human being, albeit many more times more talented than the rest of us.

2NE1 misses you! Especially Dara!

*Credit: Nolja21subs
I can’t believe I forgot to give credit for my Youtube links TT__TT gomen nasai.


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