SM’s got the Weird Fetish: SHINee comeback concept

So Key’s concept photo was just released two days ago, completing the teaser set for SHINee’s comeback.

This allows me to conclude that SM producing staff is officially on crack. Or ecstasy. Or both. For those who say this isn’t horrible, it’s edgy, I’ll partially agree. This is ‘edgy.’ So edgy that it’s accelerating towards a bottomless chasm of artistic delusion, ventured only by the greats (and insane) like Salvador Dali, Edgar Allen Poe, and so on. Not SM Entertainment. So I thought SM was just doing a concept test trial when they screwed f(x) over by having them lead with Nu ABO instead of Mr. Boogie (which I GUARANTEE would have done better). The concept there again was ‘edgy,’ new, the whole song, wardrobe, insane intricate moves choreo which is so hard to do yet looks cheap in the big picture.

If you say this is ‘hot, attractive, omg I can’t wait’ then you are delusional. Nothing about this is attractive. They only look bearable or ‘artistic’ due to the photoshop rendering effect that makes the photos seem like paintings. If these were only pictures, then it’d be all right. However, if the Year of Us teasers hold, they will be performing almost exactly like this. There’s no cohesiveness at all. Key, Onew, and Taemin look like some guyliner-ed Yakuza biker gang, and Minho and Jonghyun look simply archaic. Individually I will say that only Key’s concept turned out completely horrible (he needs eyeliner, wtf white stripe on face, and HIS HAIR. I did not know it could get worse than purple-pink highlights + diagonal cut bangs. I was wrong). Jonghyun and Minho have good bodies so they look ok half-naked. But seriously, put the 5 together because that’s what they’ll have to do come performance time. What the hell would that look like–Pocahontas + OC Choppers?

Sigh. At least they can sing. The song better be good then, or else their comeback will just get drowned by Jay and Se7en. Se7en’s fanbase has weakened since his departure, though, and Jay may not make quite as large a splash as I predicted, so Shawols have a chance. SHINee will sell regardless if their song sucks or not. But just like how RDR flopped compared to Oh!, a flop compared to Ring Ding Dong will seriously hurt the availability of musical genres they can commercially-viably cover in the future.


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