So I was wrong…of course the JayEffect wins

My previous Narsha post was definitely premature. I still love the song and think her work is art–seriously, the entire album is pure art. It’s meant to be musical art on a pedestal, not necessarily geared toward the market. That would be Son Dambi’s Queen. She’s getting a lot of crap about plagiarism and live performance sub-par singing right now. However, I think my writing about Dambi paints my perspective on her a lot more negative than it actually is. I like Son Dambi. I really do. She’s lived a hard life, was the sole supporter of her family when her father got a stroke, the type of determination-to-get-to-the-top-from-humble-beginnings that I really like. Her music’s also not terrible. It just doesn’t fit my taste–it’s very bland and autotuned and is meant to sell to the mainstream, and compared to Narsha’s album, I just have to critique it.

However, this post is meant to discuss what’s REALLY going to happen in the month of July. I’ve been checking the charts religiously in hoping Narsha would pull a chart win, but it’s not happening. Dambi’s beating her on most charts, and from past experience if your song doesn’t hit #1 on real time within 48 hours max, then it’s not going to be a mega-hit. BRBB hasn’t hit #1 yet. Also, on Hanteo she’s fallen off the top 5 selling albums, critical for Mubank. I don’t know how MNet does their ballots, but if it’s purely off MNet charts then miss A will win it this week–9 straight days at #1 and currently second only to Queen. Album sales weren’t bad either.

However, Son Dambi can pretty much kiss chart winning goodbye (and so can Taeyang), because Jay Park is back. That’s right–his Nothin’ On You Korean Cover is already #1 on real time charts. Amazingly, the EP is climbing on YesAsia’s weekly bestseller list and beat Suju today on Hanteo–and IT’S NOT EVEN RELEASED YET. He’s not going to promote it, but it doesn’t matter because it’s going to stay #1 until–I predict–Se7en’s comeback on the 21st.

My opinion on Jay. Jay Park as a person is fine. I’m sure he was humbled by this whole scandal. His departure from 2pm was probably a huge blow to his musical career–but the fan response has been so unexpectedly enormous that he’s really riding the gravy train now. I feel kinda bad for the rest of 6pm–their former leader is now getting far more fame (and money) than he ever would have if nothing had happened. Is it overhype? Yes. Jay was not the best singer in 2pm. He is not a fantastic rapper (he himself admits this). His dancing is good, but only really stands out because it’s unique due to his bboy roots.

People don’t buy into Jay for his talents, however. They do it for the story. Because they feel that they’re supporting some kind of cause. A hero’s welcome for the return of the wronged prince, ready to take his rightful crown. If anyone is really objective about the whole situation, he or she would agree with me that what Jay really deserves is enjoying the rest of his life out of the limelight, maybe popping back into the news occasionally for some music things he does in the future. This whole 2pm-to-shame-to-instant-celebrity status ordeal has taken place in less than a year, and hardly anyone bothers to check the whole story. Most of the public thinks he’s been wronged, he’s hot, and he should be supported.

With that said, though, I think Jay’s more than entitled to enjoy this something little extra. However, my warning to him is that since this hype is based off a lot of ignorance and logic-leaps, it can collapse like nothing. Sidus, his new company, actually announced that they will reveal his ‘second greater moral wrong,’ which may spell future apocalypse.

But for now, to explain the JayEffect (no not his fanclub). Jay’s popularity comes from the fact that he has no limits to the groups of supporters he can tap. Fans who initially joined the bandwagon blindly (Hottests included) to bash him are now equally as blindly turning back on their previous actions and rallying around him. Other group’s fans feel bad for him, and Jay has enough talent and looks where nothing negative will occur from supporting him–it’s like everyone’s favorite underdog story. He appeals to the young, to the old, to the wealthy, etc. Again, there’s NOTHING TO LOSE from supporting Jay. And a lot of fans really do support him because they’ve done so since the beginning. The Sidus ‘revelation’ will be the major problem in the near future.

So. Jay Park will redoubtably win K-chart and Inkigayo lest the stations ban him from winning, which will only further his fanbase. As for me, I’ll go back to finishing my review on Narsha, because I know this won’t end prettily–there’s a storm brewing. Jay’s fame is built upon an unknown, major mistake–if it was only the MySpace, I would have a much different opinion. The longer it’s hidden, the worst the consequence will be when he spills the beans. But who knows what Pandora Box that’ll open.


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