Taeyang + Yuri UPDATE

So not really an update. But I do want to give a thorough run through of the Taeyang-Yuri thing for those curious. I don’t ‘ship’ them nor do I actually think they are/will date, but I like both of them and I find the whole story kind of cute and amusing.


Oct. 2009: Seungri and Yuri enroll in the same college (JoongAng Univ.)

Feb 6th, 2010: On KBS 2TV Entertainment Relay Seungri pledges to find Yuri ‘a cool boyfriend.’

May 1st: On the pilot episode of Haha Mong Show, Seungri and Daesung reveal Taeyang has never dated (this I believe has been revealed before). Sooyoung of SNSD reveal that Taeyang’s been to an SNSD concert and was shy. Yuri reveals in a parody-rap that Seungri still hasn’t found him a guy.

May 24th-ish: On Strong Heart, Yuri thanks Seungri for being a good friend and introducing her to lots of people since he’s so social.

July 9th: Taeyang reveals on Strong Heart that he had a blind date with Yuri, and Yuri invited him to the SNSD concert Sooyoung encountered him at. Seungri’s not the middle man, though. And Taeyang. he wants to get a girlfriend this year.

Ahh, love.


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