How to Kill Your Artists, 4minute style

So 4minute is the latest girl group to catch my attention, which means I’m actually interested in the members as people and have started watching their variety show appearances, joined a fansite, and dug up some YouTube video hilarity. I have a soft spot for them–they’ve been through a lot even pre-debut, with the whole Hyuna, ex-Wonder Girl, copy-cat 2NE1 thing. I see them as a bunch of really funny, energetic younger sisters that I just want to protect, except that they’re mostly older than me…wut. They’re fierce as hell on stage, though (and such a nice change since I’m so sick of girly girl groups), and I’m glad they’re finding their own music-style (I still will not fully like the autotune, though I swear Cube has this copyrighted 4minute autotune sound that is somehow distinctive even though my brain tells me all computer processed sounds are basically the same). I like I My Me Mine and their Huh minialbum grew on me and got many a repeated listens (BEAST, I will never be able to make it through Shock of the New Era in its entirety. But I still like Mystery?).

However, I think their music company wants to kill them. Ok, not really, but follow me here for a bit. They started promotions in 2010 on May 19th (In-in-in-in-in-invitation lol that used to be my favorite song from the EP) with Huh, promoted non-stop until early July, when they switched to I My Me Mine complete with MV, then released the Japanese version of the MV, then released Superstar (digital single for Superstar K tv-show), will perform it a few times on MNet, will then probably continue IMMM until early August, then will start their Japanese debut. Are you following me here? They started promotions when I got home for vacation–it’s been 3-months, non-stop already, and then they’re going to head to Japan for more continuous promotions?

I don’t know if these girls are masochists or something. This summer was full of injuries, and 4minute has seen its share. Gayoon got her cornea scratched. Jiyoon was sick and lost her voice last week. Hyuna’s always had a weak disposition, had solo promotions in early 2010, and did Invincible Youth. Sohyun’s freaking 15. Yet they never stopped promoting. Gayoon put on sunglasses, Jiyoon lipsynched, and Hyuna whined as usual.

Are they going to work until they die? I think they win the Hard Work Daesung of 2010. It’s a shame that so much work only resulted in 1 M!Countdown win for Huh. Anyone who’s ever worked their butts off for something but got disappointed by less than ideal results would know the feeling. No artist this year has promoted so insanely…

Jiyoon-ah, you know I always say you’re my favorite, you vocal powerhouse you. Gayoon, you know that deep in my heart you’re my actual favorite. Sohyun, you’re so cute, don’t die, you’re too young. Hyuna-ah, you’ve had to put up with so many of my bipolar opinion changes about you because of bad info (I miss you on IY T__T King Immature misses you *woof woof). And Jihyun, go march up to Cube’s President and bitch-slap him and tell him to let you sing more and give you the dance breaks instead of Jiyoon/Hyuna.

Here’s praying not for their success but for their physical integrity, because that’s what’s really in question.

Such hardworking, sleep deprived idols


2 thoughts on “How to Kill Your Artists, 4minute style

  1. 4minute has been my favourite girl group since they debuted. Before that, 2NE1 for a short time and Wonder Girls for 2 years. But you have to understand all K-Pop groups are like this, 4minute is no different. I just wish they got more response for the audience, they just seem to people to be powerful on stage and we don’t see them enough on variety like T-ara for instance.

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