I am jealous of Taemin’s hair…

I’ve always been complimented on my thick, lush hair. Of course I never really cared about hair at all until recently. Then I noticed my hair was starting to get frizzled due to the insane humidity outside. Then I saw the Lucifer MV and all of a sudden I found myself burning with envy.

First of all, I don’t think it’s right for a guy to have nicer, long hair than girls. It’s immoral. Someone revive Kant and have him slap some Categorical Imperative in Taemin’s face. Omg his long, smooth, silky hair and those fabulously rich eye-level bangs–someone take his headband and burn it now, because it is NOT needed. It’s so wrong. I’ve accepted that Taemin, Heechul, Jaejoong, Hyunjoong, and other flower boys will be prettier than I, but, not the hair!! T__T I weep. I want to know what conditioner he’s using.

Now to change the atmosphere 180-degrees. Today I was a bit SHINee spastic. As I’ve clarified before, I am not a Shawol, but I do appreciate SHINee’s music. I think they’re talented, and Ring Ding Dong was the first MV on which I was hooked–I seriously almost failed an exam once because I kept on watching the MV instead. However, today I realized that I’ve been unconsciously very defensive for the SHINee boys. I read forums with antsy hesitance like a parent at a PT-conference fidgeting, hoping the teacher says nothing bad about my kid. I sighed with relief when SHINee remained #1 on on certain charts and got slightly nervous when they dropped a few spots on other charts.

I was even temporarily panicking that Se7en is going to prevent a SHINee sweep for awards, and definitely got a shock when Nyny posted that SHINee’s getting antis while Se7en is clean so far. Then I realized I had been looking forward to Se7en’s comeback since forever, and now I’m complaining when two of the hottest comebacks are about to happen within a week of each other?

Yep, I was temporarily delusional and started to unknowingly get attached. I love fangirling just as much as the next person, but when you start getting attached to artists as if you are their sibling/friend/noona-dongseng-oppa-future-wife/husband (the really serious ones, like the blood letter senders), you start to blur the line between fan-appreciation and just psychiatric delusion.

That said, I’m going to step back and really look forward to both SHINee and Se7en’s comebacks. I’m actually super-excited for Mubank this week and will even bother to watch M!Countdown next week. I think 2010 compared to 2009 has been a bit dull. In all honestly, while 2009 already had Gee, Abracadabra, Fire/IDC, etc. etc. by July, all the good songs of 2010 came out in the first 2.5 months. I think SHINee and Se7en will be the leaders of the Kpop bailout to turn around 2010 and make a second-half of the year comeback.


3 thoughts on “I am jealous of Taemin’s hair…

  1. I think like me, I’m worried about who will win and since this summer is SM vs. YG, fans are likely to battle each other and support one or the other. I, on the other hand will support both! ^_^

    BTW, thanks for linking to my blog. ^_^

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