Lucifer MV is out!

It totally came out 4 hours before I thought it did, and before I went to sleep I loaded it up on my iPod and watched it many times today.

Taemin has officially become the visual center of SHINee with this. Even on Shawols were complimenting on how much screen time Taemin got. I’m starting to like the hair styles more. I was initially upset about the chopping of fair Minho’s locks, but in the MV he just look so badass-chic, if there’s such a thing (like he looks bad but not gangster, definitely fashionable). Key has guyliner on. Good. Taemin. Just please don’t put his hair in a ponytail ever (Onew’s too). It’s so…soft looking. I’m a girl and I envy his hair. It’s so flowy and straight and smooth looking, but not excessively silky. My only complaint is that they put lipstick on him. I know he has always looked girly and the MV still gave him a girlish vibe, but it didn’t give me the gay vibe either–it was kinda model-eqsque femine chic (using that word too much ><). Until I noticed the lipstick. No. That just pushed him from girlish boy past gay to just girl. He looked more feminine than Jiyoon did in I My Me Mine. Onew–eh, it’s good in that it will help distance him from the ‘cutey boy eye smile’ mold he’s always been cast in. It’s bad because he looks just plain old in that headband and leather jacket (80s glam rock anyone?).

Dance: SHINee dance used to be very footwork oriented. Lots of shifts, interweaving and slides, changing of formation and positions, intricate footwork (see AMIGO and Noona is so Pretty).

Noona is so Pretty–Replay

Even in Juliette, when they first started going a bit more mainstream, the dance was footwork focused

So I stalked the twitter of Riko Nakasone, one of the choreographers for this song (and Suju’s Sorry Sorry as well?), and she said Jae Won choreo-ed most of this song and she did the end parts. It’s an insanely complicated choreo just by looking at the MV. SHINee always had dances that were meant to be admired, not replicated, since they are always so complex and teamwork dependent. Lucifer’s no different. Even the SHINee boys say it’s their most complex dance.

With Lucifer it shifted to more still-standing upper-body dance focused largely on the arms/hands. I can’t fully judge until their live performances, but the best parts of the choreo are in the first 40 secs, where SHINee does the Sorry Sorry Egyptian hand dance on steroids. The thousand armed Shiva behind Taemin is cool, too. The choreo is much sharper and feature more small movements in quick succession. Theres no real catchy dance move like Ring Ding Dong, meaning this is a pure shock-an-awe campaign, except for the finger dance thing.

I’m interested why they show Minho rapping during Key’s parts. There are 4 total lines of rap–and Key does 3 of them. Must wait until the live.

Highlights of the MV: 3:41 Key always busts out the cool moves. In Ring Ding Dong he had the best wings unfurling, and he didn’t disappoint here. Jonghyun IN the car was hot. It was a nice contrast from the more boyish in-the-car scene from Ring Ding Dong, plus he gets to flex his biceps. However, Jonghyun dancing in front of the car was just…car modeling. It reminded me of Xiah Junsu’s awkward dancing alone with lazers while others were wet/getting tied up/other exciting things. Minho had by far the best backdrop since it fit his image. Taemin’s looked like the sewers in which the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lived, but it turned out ok. I want to ask him if his bangs bug his eyes (cause mine do). Onew with the mirror backdrop was good but he still looked old, and Key on the weird step pillar things was also good, accented by his awesome 3:41 thing.

This HBIC in your face–most girls I know can’t do this move well

And Taemin-ah, when you were doing that snapping dance thing, I was like “Why are you the only one doing that??” before I realized it alternated and Key and Minho were doing it too (bad bad camera zoom). You did this in Ring Ding Dong, too, you think I wouldn’t catch it? >:D

Taemin says, “Snap along!”

Look out for my SHINee group overview by this weekend. For those wondering why SHINee’s getting so many posts and Se7en is not, it’s simply because SHINee’s comeback interests me more. It’s natural for me to enjoy writing about that which piques my interests at the moment, and though I’m no Shawol SHINee’s comeback interests me the most out of what’s going on in Kpop right now. Se7en will get a post, however, because I just went through his EP and I liked it.

Credit: Sment


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