What’s Trending: MR removed, mistakes, so much more

Your new MCs! Yay Kwon and Yonghwa, proud WGM hubbies XD

TT__TT I forgot about this corner. I have so many things I want to post but I keep on getting distracted by the sheer amount of news coming in/YouTube videos. I’ve watched ep. 1 of Heroes like 3 times already. Yay I managed to stream Inkigayo last week! Congrats to Taeyang, though I believe he won’t win again (I’m betting on miss A–I don’t think SHINee will win on comeback week).

Was anyone else shocked when 2NE1 and TOP popped up? Here I was just about to quit my browser when I heard Taeyang say something about 2NE1 and BAM! There they were. Minzy is so tall and womanly now! She’s growing her hair out! Oh my baby’s going up. CL was like off camera because she was so stage left… TOP was awkward dancing as always XD ❤ Choi Seunghyun and Dara, omg, I just realized how small/skinny she is. Taeyang is definitely somewhat interested in her. But Dara is not at all. Body language tells all. And where is Bom.

Here's my Inkigayo notes:

Narsha: I don't think she sings the chorus (see see see I noticed it before the MR removed came out! She only sang it during the comeback stages. *self pride*…wait…no this is terrible). A pity since everything else is sick. It's not going to rape the charts, but I still love this song.

miss A: Suzy sounds better today. I realized that Fei's really the eye candy of the group. She's a sophisticated pretty. Suzy's the next best.

4minute: Jiyoon is sick. The girl never has to lipsync but she does. Sohyun runs into Gayoon. Jihyun is trying to stop herself from laughing at the beginning.

Taeyang: That girl must be so sick of dancing with Taeyang. His live vocals are getting better. Performance seems more fun today. What if the girl doesn't hold back his hands one perf XD
No GD again. Ad lib on high note again. Smart move. It sounds better. More cuddling and screaming fangirls today.

Son Dambi (entered K-chart below Narsha). Outfit looks less cheap today. Backup dancers wearing corsets though… 1, 2, 3, 4, I DO NOT WANNA. Inkigayo got the lyrics right though (not until you decide). I like Son Dambi but still hate this song. Especially the Engrish.

Suju: other than Leeteuk, it seems the excessive smiling is going away. Oh, and during the Suju Taeyang interview, Heechul kept on walking off camera. Wtf. Eunhyuk found a good balance today–emo when not singing, smiling while singing. Their outfits are much better today. The yellow suits at least look semi-professional on top the jeans.

OMG Heechul and Shindong parodied 4minute's IMMM.

Lastly, so streamers actually had more positive opinions about Narsha than Dambi, but I feel it's about to change. Remember how Dambi was getting blasted about not singing enough? This wonderful YTer winterm3lon makes MR removed videos, which essentially strip the background music to let us hear how well a singer performs live. I already knew that Narsha wasn’t singing her chorus, and now it’s confirmed. Man, she doesn’t sing half the song and it makes me sad, because I know she can, and she chose not to, and I don’t know why. Check out winterm3lon’s page, please, because he/she has the largest collection of MR removed songs of pretty good quality (stripping songs is like chemically stripping paint from furniture–don’t expect beautiful results), and I will defend winterm3lon in that he/she is not an anti and is doing this purely for curiosity.

Yep so check it.


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