Why SHINee will not be on M!Countdown

I totally forgot about this. So today I was checking out all the real-time/daily charts like I was a desperate stockbroker, and I could not figure out why Lucifer did not chart on MNet. First, I thought because it was a daily chart it simply hasn’t updated for the day yet. Then Nicole and Park Myungsoo’s Whale charted. Then I remembered vaguely about some kind of legal spat between SM and a media company.

I had totally forgotten about the MNet-SM spat: they split ways in March right before Run Devil Run really took off. Wow, I just realize now that Suju, SNSD, and other SM artists have never performed at M!Countdown recently? Maybe I never paid attention since M!Countdown is small and has horrible sound systems *face palms*

So I’m sure most everyone knows this already, but for those who are new/are ignorant like I was, here ya go. And I’m gonna skip checking MNet charts now, though their pseudo-stock market charts is the best music chart interface in Korea…


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