My conclusion: Secretaries have nothing to do

So while I was slaving away today trying not to chop my fingers off trimming 3×4 pieces of filter paper using some rusted, neolithic age paper cutter (it look me more than an hour…500 sheets omg), I had a great time listening in on the phone conversations of the front desk secretary whose office was close by. Not going to lie, she was productive too–she managed to call her nephew, her grandson, book a spa retreat, and arrange for her boat pickup from the repairshop. My only consolation is that I’m getting paid way more than her…I think. Now that I really think about it probably not. This, by the way, in no way looks down upon those who do secretarial work. Because that’s my job once I return to school. And I’m ranting only because I’m jealous and want a no-stress, well-paid job too (doesn’t everyone).

Meanwhile, miss A won M!Countdown! I’m happy for them because I really like them as a rookie group, because their debut was good and they don’t suck. Also because I watched a subbed self-cam of them and they seemed really fun and weird (if there was a miss A-TV it’d probably be more fun than 2NE1TV *gasp blasphemy*) and I felt immediate kinship. They really deserved the win. Their mini-album might not be selling as well as Solar or Lucifer or Bonamona, but BGGG as a single is seriously dominant. 2 weeks as #1 on Gaon, and they’re still holding off SHINee, Se7en, Son Dambi, and MC Mong on most charts. Their title song has real carrying power. Likely Song of the Month? Though Taeyang was not there, I think miss A’s dominance on the singles charts more than justify their win.

Plus, I just want to gloat that (finally) one of my predictions came true. Idk if that’s actual pride or just relief that the chain of mis-prediction broke.


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