I’m sorry…are you two genetically related?

I am so tired. Why did I go to sleep at 3? Waking up at 7 = major T__T. So in a few hours SHINee will take the stage on Music Bank, and unlike yesterday I will get a nice night of sleep so I will be happy and alert when I watch a nice HD recording tomorrow night.

Minho will not be dancing but he will be performing, so he’ll probably be like f(x)’s Amber and sit and rap on a chair. That I personally found so damn awkward. Thankfully, I had a brilliant flash of ideas thanks to T.O.P. on how to remedy the situation: I would like to suggest that, instead of sitting on some bar stool, Minho should recline on a BA pimped-out Lazyboy.

Can you say major pimp? And the rest of SHINee can change their choreo so that they’ll dance around Minho, turning him from an injured eyesore into the king daddy of attention.

Now that we’re talking about rappers…

The meat of the story. Yeah, I know there are a million lookalikes in Kpop–Minzy/Daesung, CL/Jung Juri/that Sistar girl Hyolin (?), but there are some that never get pointed out that are SO noticeable for me.

First, Bekah of After School and Miryo of BEG. Both are badass rappers with major talent, and I came to believe the 6 degrees of separation thing after I discovered a friend’s friend’s friend’s sister personally knew Bekah (during her Hawaii days), and apparently she’s very nice. Anywho:

Dude. They’re the same person. Ok, at least long lost sisters with a 10-year age gap.

And here’s another one. I personally believe Jiyoon of 4minute is the female Key. Say what now? I’m not kidding. For me, it’s not only looks but mostly voice. I just think the timbre and singing style of Jiyoon and Key are so similar that they are opposite gender versions of each other. Plus Jiyoon’s boyish and everyone in SHINee was very feminine once upon a time, so that lessens the difference.

Witness examples of their vocal similarities. Neither’s voices are super slick, but have this slight rough grit that really adds soul to their voices.

…and finally, I even found pictures where they dress exactly like each other! Junglasses Jiyoon and, er, Key?

I’m also noticing something pleasant today. So as you know, rookie group miss A captured their first award with their debut song. 2010 has been really friendly to rookies, you know? Compared with the talentless hacks debuting left and right this year (*cough Girl’s Day), last year rookie groups of exceptional caliber were literally getting scalped (2NE1, 4minute). This year, two rookie groups have won titles with their debut songs–CN Blue with I’m a Loner (yeah ok they’ve been so successful barely anyone remembers them as 2010 rookies anymore) and now miss A with Bad Girl Good Girl. And there was no hate (outside the Yonghwa is the only reason CN Blue is popular thing). People patted these two groups on the back, said they deserved it, and moved on.

Let’s review last year. 2NE1 was hated on so much with Fire. Sandara Palmtree, CL and Minzy are ugly, Bom is fat, Fire sucks, where the hate equaled the caliber of love they received. It got really bad when I Don’t Care proceeded to hand SNSD’s Genie and the rest of Kpop a royal asswhooping during promotions and at the end-of-year award shows. Though I still dislike hardcore Blackjacks due to their aggressiveness, I can’t entirely blame them–they were “created” during violent times. 4minute won with Hot Issue but crap was already all over the place about copying, bad fashion, and Hyuna, and to this day both groups have as many antis as older groups. So far, it seems antis are in therapy because the new groups are pretty safe.


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