Goo Hara strips again!

…and again, and again and again (no 2pm pun intended). For those who haven’t seen the episode where Hara strips to perform U Go Girl, terrifying Rain/Bi on Happy Together, get your butt to PikeYenny’s Blog and watch it. Apparently she strikes again on Invincible Youth, where the new G7 (+Sunny) heads to Japan and of course puts on a mini-concert in tow. Dubbed Korea’s Namie Amuro (though only in looks), Hara had the crowd going crazy with Kara classics like Pretty Girl and Mister (why no Lupin, why why why). What really cracked me up though was how many layers of clothing she had on.

By the time it got down to the Mister costume, I was dying of laughter. She’s no Nicole with ’em hips but she’ll do. Though she can’t really sing to save her life, Goo Hara still remains in high favor in my court of preferentially treated Kpop idols. Did you see the freaking heels she was wearing? o.O

EDIT: I’m posting up the other ‘stripping’ videos too. Enjoy.

Credit: Emreasik, NKaraBF


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