The 7/23/10 Music Bank Recap

Arie: through my pilgrimage through the land of J-rock, I have never liked a single female J-rock band because it sounded like anime J-pop with guitars. Arie is like the Korean version, and the vocalist doesn’t have a strong voice–hello, since bands only have one frontman for a reason, you’d think they can find someone who doesn’t have to lipsync the high parts? I was totally about to pass UNTIL the main guitarist whipped out a totally kickass solo. Is she rocking an ESP? The crowd was apparently amazed as well. Partially due to the popularity of groups like CN Blue and FT Island, bands are starting to get more support from music shows, which is a move in the right direction.

I can’t listen to Norazo’s Curry anymore, mainly because it’s clearly offending my roommate for very apparent reasons.

The Narsha/Chaeyeon/Miyeon backstage…I don’t understand how they still look so youthful. Kan Miyeon especially. Man, with short hair she might as well be Kara’s Nicole’s older sister (or her mom, now I think about it they look insanely alike).

B2Y: I haven’t heard Crazy until now. This would be quite catchy if the pace of the song had more variety and the guys in the group could sing better live.

Sistar: I finally learned the leader’s name! Hyolyn! Turns out she was also a (wrongful) JYP reject. The song still sucks, but this girl’s growing on me. First, please look at this picture.

It’s for their new Chronos Sword OST (SK has to be the only country for which video games is a legitimate industry you can release songs for…though they release songs for just about everything, from soju to chicken). This is 1/2 Gain (from Sign promotions), half CL. Epic. Also, Hyolyn’s live abilities are phenonmenal. I even struggle hearing some of my favorite vocal powerhouses live, yet this girl belts out everytime, even if the lyrics are ‘push push’ and the sound system sucks. And she’s always smiling ^_^

Kan Miyeon’s stick thing legs are freakin’ me out. But she’s always had this problem since Baby VOX days. As she states that she actually has a hard time gaining weight, I think she has gastrointestinal problems, mainly poor absorption of nutrients by the duodenum. Hey, Mir’s back! Lookin’ super hot today, and I’m glad MBLAQ has returned. Who was the rapper today? Didn’t recognize him (unless Junhyung gained weight…?). Nikki of PopReviewsNow states that she lacks an aura in presence, and I can definitely see that. But she’s got that tender-sad angst face down. Actually, I think that’s a part of the problem–how into a song can you be if you can only make sad expressions (and have wind blowing in your face all the time)? No accidents today, yay. I’m becoming a fan of this girl’s story/music.

Z:EA: They’re going on tour soon, right? I just like to say that Mazeltov pissed off my Jewish friends, and the leader guy started singing off beat. With the MR being louder than he was. He even fails at noraebang.

2wins: When Supreme Team came on stage, it reminded me of something I saw at a drunken party once. At least it looked fun.

Whoa, Suju dropped 6 spots. That’s what happens when the album sales stop.

miss A won K-chart! First, yes, second prediction come true. Next, can the people who say ‘omg why didn’t blah blah win, this song’s so boring’ obviously are not checking the charts. I still don’t completely understand the staying power of this song completely, but this song is KILLING the charts. It’s the hottest single out there. Even after Se7en and SHINee made comebacks, 2 days later BGGG climbed back up to #1 again on most charts (then again a similar thing happened to Queen, which I fail to understand even more). So shut up boy lol. And Suzy’s breathlessness problem is finally solved via handmics.

MBLAQ: I’m glad they’re back, that’s all 🙂 And G.O., you are so handsome clean-shaven. But was Joon wearing a headband?! It looked like a freakin’ bonnet. Burn it. G.O. would be much better off with a handmic thanks.

The Suju/SHINee backstage was just absurdly ridiculous XD. Unexplanably, Key’s new hair made him look cuter instead of manlier.

Is it just me, or does Son Dambi sound better and better live everytime? She’s cool in my book.

Narsha’s costuming costs $3,500 each time? o.O she’s got to be losing money on this one. And she decided to wear my grandma’s tea-set placemats today. But I highly appreciate how loud the Everlastings were today, and today’s backdrop looked pretty good despite looking like cardboard cutouts.

Chaeyeon’s Crazy…another song called Crazy? Her teaser was pretty strip-pole scandalous, but the actual song’s not so controversial though she dares show cleavage lol. Look Look Look is kind of blah–definitely no Two of Us (though I thought that song was kinda dull too). She’s a good singer and a really good dancer back in the day, though. Did you know that Queen of Backup Dancers, Park Kahi, used to dance for her?

Do you know how hard it is for me to go to sleep on time? I did it just so I can stream them on Mucore tonight (Mubank is unstreamable for me due to time difference…2am is ok, but 4 or 5 is pushing it…). Still don’t like Up & Down, but the boys looked so good. Minho looked cheerful and happy? He’s pulling a Taeyang with the smiley eyes thing, and I like it!

So just looked it up, and Lucifer is another creation of SM song-god Yoo Young Jin, the man who’s composed for H.O.T. all the way to SHINee. My Korean friends say his lyrics are really weird. Apparently Mirotic is really deep and philosophical like an Erza Pound poem (though all I care about is the chin-dance). I won’t deny that his songs are semi-formulaic, but I simply love Lucifer too much at this moment. And my apologies to Minho, he actually was rapping the parts I thought Key was rapping. That means he gained flexibility in his rapping style! Yay development.

Their live was, of course, phenomenal. Seriously, it sounds like the CD. Check out the MR removed version–THEY SING SOOO WELL LIVE. At this current moment, I can confidently declare that they are the best all-around live performers (and if they decide to be ballad singers tomorrow they’d be pretty competitive, too). Still disappointed they didn’t do the Jaejoong-Rising Sun throne chair thing for Minho. Is he using the same bar stool Amber was?!

Minho, be like this.

Wow, the fans were sooo loud, and they already have that fanchant down. However, as much as I love Minho being a fighter, the cameraman was so Minho obsessed he missed out on all the epic dance moves including the thousand arm Shiva. >:O

Suju in pink. And Leeteuk shoutout to SHINee! And major Shindong and Donghae gropage on poor Eunhyuk.

…and of course, miss A’s victory. I’d like to note that their digital score won them the show–the public digs BGGG as a song. And Min headbanging at the end = XD.

Where was f(x)? Is their Mr. Boogie promotion really over? After 2 performances as a 4-man group? I feel like SM is giving up on them a little. They’re sticking the members in shows and MCing spots now, so it looks like they’ll have to stay afloat until at least winter. Maybe Yoo Young Jin should have written them a song, too–oh wait, he did. Which was why the lyrics of Nu ABO were so effed up.

Finally, guess who this is!

I simply could not believe that Sandara Park’s hair could be styled like that. I mean, Palm Tree, Phoenix, she’s done it all. Watch out for the 2nd season of 2NE1TV, the show that I unfortunately started during finals week and dragged me into this whole obsessive watching of Korean variety shows mess.

Credit: ShineeOnly, uknowxiah


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