Alas, Hyuna and her dance…

Whatever the girl does raises issues. Change = no. Clothing = too provocative. Age = minor. Seriously, this girl cannot escape from scandals. I feel for her 😦

So On Quiz to Change the World (aka pedo-uncle heaven), Hyuna was asked to demonstrate her “powerful dance,” and of course was quickly labeled slut by the public.

I really don’t like this show. This show has always been pedo-uncle heaven. Everytime a female idol comes on they have to whore-dance for the ahjussis (Kahi, Nicole and Hara, Victoria, Hyuna’s just another victim)

And isn’t it more wrong they brought that little girl on later?

Honestly, I think Hyuna doesn’t ask to dance provocatively. She’s always hesitant to perform Change nowadays, because she knows the bad press it will give her and 4minute. Plus, if she had refused, netizens would have blasted her for being disrespectful like they did f(x)’s Krystal that one time she was spacing out (and for good reason, because the old guy was really boring and she never gets enough sleep). I feel bad because it’s a losing situation for her.

And though I don’t want to broach the topic, why is male ab-flashing and other outrageous behavior deemed ‘cool and acceptable?’ Yep, it’s still largely a chauvinist’s world–Asia tends to more or less still have male-centered cultures, so for the time being we have to deal.

And finally, notice how 30-year-old Kahi and even Nicole and Hara didn’t get crap about ‘dirty dancing?’ Sigh, you might want to start looking for 4-leaf clovers, Hyuna.

Bonus: All she has is her pelvis…oh for your sake I hope that’s not true.


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