Ladies and gentlemen, Se7en returns

And I must admit, I’m drooli–er, I mean, quite impressed. An M!Countdown win with the comeback! Edging out winner last week, miss A (impressive they beat Taeyang again), Se7en is back, people! The only thing I questioned was that pink scarf thing Se7en was wearing for Better Together. Apparently the M!Countdown show was closed during taping for only Se7en fans, but was it just me, or did the girls scream a tiny bit louder when TOP appeared?

That move was genius, by the way. I’m very happy Digital Bounce was performed in its entirely, because it is comparable in popularity to Better Together, and TOP is in it, and we know how he can make a song popular without even promoting (Turn It Up’s crazy chart runs without a single second of promotion? TOP’s golden.). When TOP and Se7en ended the song standing side-by-side, I realized, omg, this is it: it’s Korea’s dominant sex appeal together on stage. Forget all those young whippersnapper ab-flashers: when you put a veteran legend like Se7en and TOP who emits some sophisticated sexiness, it just makes everyone else look novice. Awesome awesome awesome.

Taeyang may have had a good run with his solo debut, but when it comes down to direct comparison, there’s no question why Se7en is YG’s dominant soloist. His stage presence is absolutely incredible, and his performances are always so polished (I’m liking DB/BT even better than Rain’s Love Song, and we know how Se7en was always considered not as good as Rain). His dancing is sharp, but it’s his vocal stability that really stands out for me. Se7en is, of course, not some Kim Jong Kook in pure vocals, but he’s an R&B artists and damn good at what he sings. I noticed that he doesn’t sing some parts of the chorus, but does ad lib during most of the empty spots, and his falsettos are AMAZING–it’s on pitch and sounds effortless. Plus, you can hardly hear the breathlessness that always plagues Taeyang, and Se7en’s vocals are strong until the end.

And notice how Se7en uses his backup dancers to the fullest? People, it’s called active interaction and treating your dancers as an extension of yourself, not just random people who copies the way you move in the background. That’s how you do it, kids.

On a side note, all YG’s music seems to share a very similar style. Just some similarities I picked up were “girl I do adore” used extensively in both Se7en’s Better Together and Taeyang’s I Need a Girl, the ‘airplane’ move used by Se7en and CL and Minzy for Please Don’t Go. To a certain extent, YG’s music is very similar, or at least all papa Teddy produced stuff (did he compose Better Together, also?), because I was pleasantly surprised by the distinct sound of G-Dragon’s self-produced album.

I know I wasn’t as hyped about Se7en’s comeback as SHINee’s, but Se7en just took the title of the most awesome comeback of the summer. That his comeback impressed me that much just through quality alone is enough to demonstrate the talent Se7en has and the work he put in for success. Only one who has a chance to beat him is BoA.

But I still predict SHINee will win Music Bank/Inkigayo simply because the album sales are there, plus Se7en did release his mini-album a few days later. Next week is where it gets really interesting.

Credit: CrazyCarrot350


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