Normally I don’t like posting up news articles because there’s better places for that, but this one just kind of caught me off guard.

First, I want to apologize to Secret fans for forgetting them in my 2010 predictions list. 1.) Secret Time was released in April, so I thought they might be done for 2010. 2.) Secret Time came out during a time when I was preoccupied with getting screwed over in school. 3.) I didn’t know Secret (during Magic promotions, I actually thought they were some old group making a comeback after 2 years or something ><) until I started watching Invincible Youth. *humble full bow*

So, Secret will be making a comeback August 12th, a week after BoA-cane. Sunhwa's concept teaser picture is already out, and when I saw it, literally all I could say was WHOA. Like, WHOA.

Considering Secret’s past concepts, it’s not out of left field or anything, but it just looks very clean, sophisticated, mature, sexy even. It looks like a concept I want every Kpop group to do instead of whatever weird stuff they seem to be doing (imagine the SHINee boys doing Lucifer in crisp, fashionable white suits/vests. I would love them even more). I like it.

I like Secret because they can all sing, and that means a lot coming from me. Plus, they’re growing on me with their variety antics. I’m liking where the concept is going, and if their song is decent then the girls can pull it off, because again, omo omo omo, the whole group is talented. And they really deserve a #1. They need to move the hell out of their old dorm now, ok, cause that place is not habitable.

Thanks to AKP and, er, KBS, for the pictures?


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