Retrospect: 2010=2009=2008=2007…

Seriously. Now I’m blogging at work > 2010. 2009 gave us crack Gee, Abracadabra, Mister, Sorry Sorry, Saturday Night, Again and Again, Heartbreaker, etc. etc. 2010 brought promises of big comebacks that more or less failed to excite and more scandals than anyone could handle.

However, if we flashback to a year ago, we would’ve heard the same complains of 2008 trumping 2009. After all, that was the year of Nobody, Mirotic, Lies, and those epic hits now considered untouchable no matter how many times I want to punt a puppy when someone goes ‘nobody nobody but chuu<3.' And back in 2007, of course 2006 was by far superior. The truth is that we are all going to think the current year sucks compared to the previous year. Here’s why.

Kpop is like fine wine–the longer it sits, the finer the quality. No matter now big of a hit a song is at the current time, it only becomes a ‘legend’ instead of a ‘fad’ as time passes–it gains history and reputation, becoming a piece of modern Kpop legacy instead of being only a current trend. Which is why people considered Gee cheap and Abracadabra uninspirational back in 09 while they are now hailed as ‘the’ girl group song of the century and ‘the’ best dance move ever created, respectively. By the time 2011 rolls around, Bo Peep Bo Peep and Loner are going to achieve god-status and the new stuff will be ‘crap.’

Admittedly not all songs will leave that huge of an impact. But if 20XX is the absolute worst year ever and there’s no way 20XX+1 can be worse, Kpop would have died off quite a long time ago.

And one last thing. Can people stop saying “oh jeez, all music is sounding the same now a days, it’s all going mainstream; I miss the days when there was variety…” I’ll admit I’ve been guilty of implying this previously, but let’s get real. People’s current preferences define what is ‘mainstream.’ Kpop has been mainstream the day it was born, when trot was no longer the preferred type of popular music. Songs by Fin.K.L., SES, Shinhwa, H.O.T., g.o.d., heck let’s even go back to the Silver Bell Sisters, all sounded the same as those of another artists of the same genre–very rarely did an artist ‘revolutionize’ music by bringing in something new, and what was ‘new’ was just modified Western trends. But what the public wanted to hear changed, so the music also changed–more dance, heavier beats, more autotune. But it takes years for mainstream music to make enough changes to be noticeable (I’d say at least 5 years), so don’t go around trying to sound smart and saying “wow, this year’s songs are so mainstream compared to last years. There’s no originality anymore.” It sounds the same, and trust me, people thought the exact same thing back in 2009.

Groups debut, groups sell out, groups flop. But overall, it evens out, especially in such a group saturated world like Kpop. 2010 = 2009.


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