OMG 2NE1 excuse me spazzing out right now

I WAS SO RIGHT. I AM CLAIRVOYANT. Ok, no I’m not, but I’m thrilled that YG channeled my and every other fan’s desires and decided, hey, 2NE1’s been gone for like 1+ years as a group, maybe they need to comeback.

Yes, they need to comeback. The word comeback is so laughable in Kpop, because heck, the groups aren’t gone long enough to be missed. But omg, apparently YG wanted to play us at our own game, because of all the groups out there, the only group fans miss more than 2NE1 is Big Bang, but at least they have a legit excuse to why they’re gone.

And 2010 has been answering my prayers discography wise – one by one, my favorite artists have been releasing FULL LENGTH ALBUMS. Enough of this minialbum crap. Yes, that’s right, 2NE1 is releasing their first full-length album, appropriately (but not really creatively) titled To Anyone on September 9th, 2010 (and as someone pointed out to me, 9+9+2+1=21 lol). I hope to God there’s a limited edition I can pre-order.

The album will feature 6 new tracks, 4 previously released digital singles (Cl + Minzy: Please Don’t Go, Dara: Kiss {lol a beer cf song…that I really loved}, Bom: You and I, and Try to Copy Me), and 2 bonus lame instrumentals only space-filler songs, THREE title tracks with complete MVs omo omo and production work done by the one and only Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am. Not sure if I sound be concerned more about the sheer awesomeness that is this album or that I sound like a YG publicity tool >.>;

But anyways, this is going to kill the charts. I had hopes SHINee may rack up a Disk Daesung, but with 2NE1’s first mini-album selling like hotcakes in 2009, I can only image what their full-album sales will be. With SNSD/Kara off in Japan (and I’m seriously getting the feeling we’re not going to see SNSD for at least another year), the market is ready for 2NE1 domination. I can see 2NE1 knocking SNSD off the perch like SNSD did to WG when they went off to the U.S. – both groups had about a year of unchallenged domination and their fan support could not have been bigger, but both groups also had very close rivals, and honestly, I see change-over time.

And to all other girl groups in existence or about to debut: STAY AWAY FROM SEPTEMBER. I repeat, do not comeback (you hear, T-ara? Push your comeback date back now – it’s going to be so much worse than the Kara/T-ara skirmish of early 2010 because you’re going to get YG slaughtered if you return now). I’m currently reading The Passage by James Cronin, where terrifying viral vampire monsters bent with blood hunger rip apart human beings. This is what will happen to any group even considering a September comeback.

And Papa YG: I see whatchu doin’ – pushing back 2NE1TV 2 to September. That stuff got me officially hooked on Kpop (and almost caused me to flunk finals).

EDIT: Read a couple more articles. So the September comeback is confirmed, BUT they also recorded an English version. Because THEY ARE DEBUTING IN THE U.S. NEXT YEAR with Will.I.Am’s help. OMG. And Japan, too, if I forgot to mention. Very conflicted feelings about these news. They are so extreme with happiness and oh noes that I might explode, so I will conclude this here and sleep on it.


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