SNSD + Photoshop = Oil in Water

Can we just discuss that the hell is going on recently with the SNSD photoshoots?

Usually I don’t pay attention much to idol photoshoots – they look pretty on stage, so I assume they will look pretty on magazines, and I mostly check them out for some eye candy or pick up some hair styling ideals/drool over the shoes. Before we get to the SNSD disaster, let me present some good examples of recent photoshoots.

Kara and miss A+Kim Bum had recent shoots for ASK and Edwin, respectively, and though I’m very eh about the super heavy makeup for Kara’s shoot, I got to hand it to Goo Hara – she’s a very photogenic girl, and I rarely see bad pictures of her in shoots. The miss A shoot was fun and funky, and Suzy establishes my previous prediction here that she’s miss A’s poster girl (though I think Min is also very photogenic, just a bit on the short side but who cares).

Now, while I realize the two newest pictures of SNSD that were released were an album cover and a Cosmopolitan (of all things) cover, it still did not excuse the horrible combination of wardrobe choices/photoshopping – in fact, for an album cover that will define the face of SNSD to the public of Japan for their first debut, you’d think they would take even more care?

Here’s the Japan debut single, SNSD’s Genie, album cover.

When I first saw this, I honestly thought it was for a shoot – where did the marine outfits go? But I’m over that considering they (or at least from the waist up) look great. However, I know they are getting promoted as “leggy idols,” but the width of their thighs have been reduced to sizes not physically capable of supporting their upper body mass – Hyoyeon’s legs are not the same size as Sooyoungs, and I swear even SooSica’s legs were “trimmed.” And let’s not even mention the uniform skin color and height. And Yuri’s hair needs more RDR-style poof.

One good thing I noticed about this shoot is that, finally, Hyoyeon’s getting styled well again. I’m sure we all remember this mess.
I never quite liked her hair on shows, performances, ads, whatever, since the ITNW days, where she rocked that fierce blond almost well as Jessica. Glad UMJ/SM finally got the message that fierce works well for this girl.

Next, we have the special, 10th anniversary Cosmo shoot.

I want to burn most of their dresses. Ignoring what Taeyeon has written next to her, is it just me, or does her arm look twisted around, as if someone shopped her face onto the back of the head? And why are the nine members’ images layered on top of each other in such a nonprofessional way? Can we make the shadows cast look at least a bit more natural? This is such a facepalm moment for all PS users out there.

On the other hand, I’d like to point out that this is the reason Yoona is the center – she knows what she’s doing, and in this disastrous piece, she stands out with her poise (even if her dress is…no). For me, only Yoona and Sooyoung look great, Seohyun, Yuri and Hyoyeon look good, Taeyeon arms <!–3, Jessica, your facial position </3, and Sunny and Tiffany not getting the message that they were going for the happy look. </3

Meanwhile, this is how you should rock the Cosmo cover, Hyori-style. But she needs to stop with the push-up bras every single time, though. Just saying.

Lastly, YG baby, Yang Yoo Jin, is the most adorable thing on earth. I spazz everytime I see her picture. Sooo cuuteeeeee. I love Asian babies.


2 thoughts on “SNSD + Photoshop = Oil in Water

  1. let’s be honest here. SNSD’s average height is about 5’3″. and everyone looks uh… not their height LOL. really if you photoshop, make it at least BELIEVABLE. sighhh these crappy photoshoppers. hahahah on the push up bra comment.
    the baby is SO. EFFIN. CUTE. ❤

    random question… are you korean? just curious….

    • The YG baby gives me strength, I swear. And if this is how good photoshoppers are now a days, I may have a professional career here 😛
      And no, I am not Korean (though I’m taking courses to improve my skillz everyday!), just a happy international fan.

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