Korea likes Country?/KIM SEOBANG/Mamma Mia, it’s Narsha!

So I’m casually stalking the charts today, and I see that Homme’s I was Able to Eat Well is doing spectacularly on the charts, and it was even running against BoA last week on Mubank (I think) for the win.

The excessive bromance aside, this song, I agree, is as close to Kpop country as you can get. For those of you who’ve never suffered – err, I mean, experienced, the “joy” that is American country, you may go YouTube some Kenny Chesney or Sugarland (and those are actually decent performers, I’m not that mean) for a crash course intro. Since I lived for many years in a place where the radios are 75% country stations, country’s not exactly my cup of tea. For me, Homme’s song is ok – Lee Hyun is a fantastic singer but Changmin’s voice has never been my favorite, but nonetheless they duet well together. The song’s way too chipper, happy, and country for me. As an FYI, a successful country song must feature some kind of loss – a running joke was that if you play a country song backwards, you regain your dead dog, dead wife, and burned down house. Or the song could be full of how you’re going to take revenge on your cheating significant other – that works too.

Next, for any followers of 4minute: one of their backup dancers is catching a lot of attention because, admittedly, he’s a hottie. Kim “Seobang” (it’s not his real name but a fanmade nickname that stuck) is a Cube trainee and does a lot of back up dancing (if you also follow WGM, he was the guy who danced with Gain on the Mucore special where Kwon performed The Day I Confessed), and he even has his own tumblr dedicated to him, which of course is the sign of ultimate success.

Here’s the exciting news – apparently he will debut soon! I stalked Soompi and found a fanaccount from a fan who went to deliver food to 2AM/BEG:

The dosirak [lunch] arrived and…2AM’s manager came out with a handsome(?) person~ [Kim Seobang!]
He said that he had to call Kyungsun (BEG’s manager) since it was too much stuff…while we waited…
We talked about this and that..I talked a lot today.
The manager…asked if we really donated money..and he said that the person who was with him was going to debut later. The manager said that he is already popular..ke..I asked in what team he would be and I said stuff jokingly, like if I should get his autograph beforehand…
I didn’t mention it first but he said immediately “21700000~!!” keke it made me a bit satisfied keke
It didn’t come to my mind back then~ but he was the person who danced with Gain at Kwon’s “The Day I Confessed” stage on Music Core…hm…

So basically Seobang came to help carry the lunch, the manager mentioned he’ll debut soon, and the fan realizes at the end it’s the guy who danced with Gain which = Seobang.

😀 I just enjoy connecting the dots.

Finally, Narsha’s Mamma Mia is released!

Yeah, I won’t be surprised if it gets banned, but again, such a nicely produced song – I swear Narsha’s solo debut was the nicest non-mainstream thing to happen in 2010 – yeah, you can argue her music is still commercial in the end, but it’s pretty clear she doesn’t care what public reception is like and is mostly concerned with experimenting and creating music that defines her. The NARSHA minialbum had a fantastic variety of music, not just your typical “dance track, boring filler ballad, another dance track” – every song was just so unique that it seems like she was creating a work of art, and didn’t care if others found it ugly.

From my understanding, Mamma Mia is about false fronts we create to impress others to hide our true selves – Narsha more or less whores around with a bunch of Caucasian guys (yay racial diversity?) to impress the Sunny Hill girls who follow her around (and another yay for featuring underappreciated artists!), but toward the end of the video, where she locks Sunny Hill out and is with the guys all by herself, her true identity – that of a shy, awkward girl, resurfaces. Then she shuts the blinds and god knows what happens. I give Narsha applauses for showing less-than-the-average-awkward Kdrama kisses, where the actresses look like stiff boards and the guy looks like he’s having a seizure -__-. That’s what age and experience gets you, huh?

And we shall be checking up on the Japan debuts soon! May Fany’s leg heal fast! Ankle injuries suck.

Mamma Mia: BestofAsianTV (O Rly? Lol I jest)


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