8/28/10 Mubank Recap

It’s either my new headphones are allowing me to hear so many dimensions I’ve never heard previously, or that Music Bank revamped their whole sound system, cause EVERYONE sounded phenomenal tonight. Or maybe I’m just so braindead from the first week of school, because the listening experience was beyond enjoyable. Though most people will not feel like it, right now is the height of excitement in Kpop 2010.

Se7en – I’m sad his comeback wasn’t as commercially successful as other comeback artists. His performances are always so tight and engaging (not to mention his live singing is fantastic, and he’s really improved vocally during his overseas ventures) and new artists should take note – after one performance of Better Together, the difference in skills becomes so apparent. I’m also a bit confused why he switched back to promoting Digital Bounce – it’s not a vocal showcase piece, and no TOP. I hear rumors that he’s releasing a full album early 2011, though, so the Digital Bounce minialbum might just be a fanservice.

Once upon a time, I was the biggest FT Island stan in the world – I discovered their music one depressing, snowy winter day, and they were the first group whose music made me cry. The emotional magic just slowly wore off. As great as Hongki’s singing is, I prefer Jaejin’s? *ducks crazy Primadonnas* But as a concession, Hongki sounds fantastic live, much better than recorded, and Jaejin’s always flat *gets bricked again*

Basically, Love Love Love is just another FTI song – it’s good, as are all their songs, but you have to grow to love FTI songs, not the other way around.

Wheesung! I love him, the song sounds like a G.Na sound though.

BoA’s costume is finally fixed today – the grandma flower shit last week pissed me off.

OMG today Secret sounds FIERCE. Even softvoiced Sunhwa sounds loud and confident, and that performance gets me going everytime. It’s so energetic (and they’re #4! I predict a win next week on M!Countdown). Adlibs were spot on.

G.Na – that was hot. I thought her debut song of the thousand word titles (a friend told me it’s closer to I’ll Piss off, have a Nice Life than what it actually translates to, poor Doo Joon lol) was nice, but she’s always emo-faced, had her share of rookie slipups, and that blond hair was not doing it for me. But now Supa Solo comes out – I don’t LOVE the song, but I love her performance. G.Na’s voice, as nice as it is, is still a bit too high and shrill for my tastes – I’d prefer it if a slightly stronger voiced singer sang this (like JeA). However, the hair change, the costuming (I want those boot s NOW), the peek of fun charisma she’s now slowly showing – I’m going to keep an eye on her now. Call it a long stretch, but she could totally be the next BoA – whose voice I don’t totally like either.

Rainbow’s costuming must be pretty economical – all they wear is a different tank top and some booty shorts. Jaekyung is growing on me.

Mamma Mia, Narsha’s back with Sunny Hill – thank God, cause her BRBB totally had me concerned that she was going to spend more than her mini-album will make. Hand mic today, too! There’s a lot more live singing in this one, and as Nikki or PRN would say, OMG I HEAR HARMONIES. That was an excellent treat, and I’m still amazed at how fast Narsha spits out the syllables in the verses – no wonder she collabed with Outsider.

Time to go watch Mucore…


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