Housecleaning before 2NE1’s comeback

So, 2NE1’s coming back 9/9/10 (which is also Zhang Liyin’s debut day, so please wish her a good one, if only because I love her so), and I want to clarify a few things, especially to new Kpoppers, so they can witness their comeback with full objectivity. I don’t really care what CL is wearing, who GD is dating, or who’s the winner of that eternal catfight of 2NE1 vs. SNSD vs. 4minute vs. Sistar (omg, they wear flashy colors, must be copycats) vs. [insert girl group or slightly feminine boy group name here]. However, it gets on my nerves when people start trying to smartass me with the following two comments:

1.) “Minzy cannot sing, she can only dance [and usually insert some reference about ‘humping’ here]”

No no no no no no. There’s a reason her voice is my favorite in 2NE1 – please don’t judge her just after watching an episode of Strong Heart or something like that.

2.) “CL cannot sing, she only shouts”

*facepalms again* Ok, neither CL nor Minzy’s singing will fit everyone’s tastes, but to flat out reject that they can sing is like saying Taeyeon can’t use vibrato (saw that in some AKP thread and cracked up so bad XD).

You absolutely are not required to love 2NE1 at all. However, denying that Minzy and CL can’t sing is just…it just makes me scratch my head. Next time just say you don’t like their style/timbre/something more sensible, please and thank you.

And to spread my Liyin love, here’s her performance at SM Town.

There’s a reason why some guy said “Wow…” at 3:41, ya know. I’m not going to complain (here anyway) about how she only got two songs in the entire 6 hour concert, because I’m just so glad to see her again T__T

I remember when she used to be so nervous for her Timeless lives and would constantly slip up. She’s trained so hard since then – her old songs seem so effortless now, and she seems so much more confident. Can’t wait for some LA fancams.

Credit: 1. BigBangSHINeeWorld – nice name btw
2. choompichocolyn


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