Nippon Banzai! [TEASER]

This will be updated because it’s taking a lot longer than I’d thought it would take to write. Whet your appetite!

So, without further ado, let’s talk Kara and SNSD, and to a lesser extent, 4minute and Brown Eyed Girls.

4minute seemed to have wrapped up Japanese promotions as of now, since the girls are again appearing on Korean variety and have signed up for Idol Star Dance Battle and some other concert thing SNSD will but Kara will not be attending. I honestly believe 4minute’s venture was a trial period – both to test out the Japanese reception and to give 4minute a first-hand experience of serious foreign promotion. Their IMMM single didn’t sell so hotly, the promotion was much less than , people were complaining that the B-side track was better than the A-side (ouch, but seriously, Japan loves a good ballad – it’s what started Utada Hikaru’s career, after all), but most importantly, I don’t think the general public was too attracted to 4minute’s concept. The promotion of HuH/IMMM saw a departure from their “candy funky” style to a more mature but still electro-infused style, but it’s not Western-sounding or J-electronica sounding enought – it’s kind of in limbo land. Still, the girls looked like they had fun, and I honestly think they will do fine. Their music has been very consistent in quality and style, and no matter how much I disagree with Cube’s musical/stylistic philosophy, it’s a great company, and hey, public desires change all the time. Plus, I’m pleased at certain member’s development (Sohyun) and Hyuna’s uncanny retention of popularity.


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