Can’t Sleep

EDIT: Bwahahaha 2NE1 thinks CL’s acting is bad, renders the haters’ argument irrelevant and the situation funny. And soju still tastes like butt.

From Dara’s Me2Day:

Even just up till a while ago.. I was worried about CLroo’s bad acting..I said that and then..After watching that I changed my opinionㅠ That comic visual and bad acting.. makes me want to really drink some soju!ㅠ An embarrassing video is born! The truth is, when we were filming that scene, Chaerin said it was too funny and burst into laughter and took a picture of me. Since then, it was already funny..

And it’s partially attributed to 2NE1. The new 2NE1 mv for Go Away is actually pretty deep, if you look for the substance. It tackles a lot of sensitive topics beyond your regular relationships/breakups. Domestic abuse, alcohol abuse, revenge, etc. To really get the full message, you would need to read the lyrics (or translations) and contrast it to the storyline of the mv – someone on AKP called the storyline a “cautionary example” of what not to do in a negative relationship.

Ironically, the best interpretation I’ve found came from YouTube comments of all places.

Cl’s old self in the MV died and was reborn as a strong woman…She was full of anger and frustration so she decided to get revenge on him but it didn’t work out..What the video wants to say is that no matter how much you hate that person, gettting back at him won’t get you anywhere and you won’t be able to move on…By killing Cl’s character, the director is basically telling us that “You can just turn your back on him and make him GO AWAY..Why did you have to go through all that?

But wow, we are slowly approaching Gaga level mv depth here, Kpop. Maybe in five years 2NE1 will release a new song that somehow ties together nuclear proliferation, global warming, and of course the Illuminati.

And the acting – you know, I don’t find CL half bad. I didn’t think the beginning was overly cheesy either, because I do plenty of people watching in my time and that’s EXACTLY how highly conscious people act in public. The mv’s mood was all over the place, too, first giving me the false impression it’d be I Don’t Care funny/lighthearted, then freaking beatings went down, then it made me care more than I ever should about a car race (I realized I didn’t even match CL to the correct car the first time – seriously thought she was in the orange one), then the worst CGI crash mindfuck ever, then…she’s alive?

Regardless, YG did a nice job. I haven’t been so emotionally/mentally provoked by a mv since 2AM’s I Did Wrong, which made me sob like a hysterical fangirl (I blame it on not sleeping for 48 hours beforehand, though).

I realized that I would stan like crazy for 2NE1 if only they were more public. I don’t need to see them all the time, but a couple set of shows would be nice. Just 2NE1TV isn’t quite enough, but on the other hand I respect their clear separation between them as the musicians and we as the fans – it’s quite Western, quite un-idolish, and definitely refreshing. And again, mad props to all the North American views of this mv – it seems YG music is the only type of Kpop that might appeal to the US’s mass market.

Credit: 2NE1, in da flesh


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