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Hello. I’m a student who’s enjoying vacation, has too much time on her hands despite working 8 to 5 (bless computer access at work) and wanted to channel this current interest in Kpop toward something productive. I like music and I like free-writing and being sarcastic, so blogging is perfect.

This isn’t a Kpop news blog site since I think there are lots of major sites devoted to fast news updates already. Before I started blogging I read a lot of other Kpop/non-Kpop/non-music oriented sites, and I found the ones that featured the author’s own opinions and analysis the most interesting. Especially if it’s on really random topics. I read a lot (once I went through Allkpop’s entire Bashing Thread because I wanted a laugh and was seriously stressed at work), and I will read my own entries repeatedly, too, so don’t be surprised at lots of frequent updates/revisions.

Yay writing about something that actually interests you.


3 thoughts on “About the Blogger

  1. Hello, well…you wanted to know what happened at the 2pm conference right? It was four hours long, audio recorded everything even a transcript done by allkpop and everyone else has seen it.

    JYPE said they were going to hold a conference picking people who were leaders or members of 2PM’s fanclub to come to the conference. This was two weeks before the conference started. So when the “Jay’s not returning to 2PM” broke out, it was chaos because many fans were angry and demanded to know why 2PM didn’t fight for Jay more or why the company let him go. The fans didn’t mention the problem but they did sound like they were talking informally and harsh to 2pm. Apparently, 2pm responded back harshly but I don’t believe from the audio videos I’ve heard.

    The fans weren’t teenagers apparently they were in their 20’s and 30’s so 2pm could retaliate rudely. Er…if you read the transcript and want me to send you some audio videos that are subbed from the conference.

    So after that, when the transcript, audio tapes and fan remarks came out, 2pm had fallen hard. People started hating them. Hardcore and stalker fans turned into anti’s and in response, sasaeng (crazy) fans exposed accounts with past pictures of Chansung drinking, Junsu dating a girl last year that he denied, Nichkhun apparently smokes (random!), Chansung, Junho and Taec bullying Jay before debut and Jo Kwon being the only one to defend him. Wooyoung apparently had a girlfriend last year and people misinterpreted it as his messages on Cyworld to missing Jay. Also how they had a party after Jay left. ¬_¬

    That’s why I made this post.

    The worst part is…the conference was supposed to be about Jay’s comeback but the “phone call” in December ruined everything.

    • Haha, thanks for your summary^^. I actually read the AKP transcript along with several other people’s transcripts/interpretations/fan accounts from both sides (and made it through about 1/3 of the audio clips before falling asleep…oops). I’m just flabbergasted that, though the main messages were relatively the same, the actions of the audience/2pm ranged from ‘polite, minus one or two people,” to “2pm WERE #$%@ RUDE,” to “omg poor 2pm the audience was thirsty for blood!” Personally I think the conference was very normal and boring (apparently people applauded somewhat when the whole thing ended?) but emotionally charged goers simply spiced up their accounts. My life experience tells me exciting things don’t happen that often in life, and JYPE and 2pm were obviously prepared to be extremely cautious.

      I dug up the ‘incriminating photos’ too and was mostly disappointed they didn’t feature the boys in strip clubs/wearing swastika costumes/other ‘really exciting’ things (though I feel soooo bad for Waii), and none of the ‘bullying Jaebeom’ videos seemed to last for longer than 30s, and I can’t exactly imagine Jay to be the weak type to get bullied at all.

      The weirdest thing for me was why December. I also got the feeling maybe Jay really didn’t want to be back, and just revealed another one of his secrets (they seem to come a dime a dozen, huh?). But if I were in his shoes I’d probably have done the same thing, since I really don’t like revealing a second mistake until I have to, and he probably thought he should tell at the last minute rather than risk returning to Korea and having a MySpace 2.0. But then Sunmi left and people started rolling those two’s departures into one story and that just got ridiculous really fast…

      • Can you send me a link to these bullying videos? I never saw any. Send them to my “About” page.

        But if this phone call was to prevent him from coming back, then I don’t like it. I think he made it up, really hoped he had come back.

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