Gain-unnie saranghaeyo

I’m sick. And I have a physics test Friday. THIS SPELLS IMPENDING DISASTER DDDDD:

Cr: milesedi2

OMG MY UNNIE WON INKIGAYO. As I was pulling my all nighter studying, I somehow enjoyed up jumping up and down and screaming with joy as Inkigayo announced the results. I have never been this excited about a music show before in my life.

Mad props to NegaNetwork + Loen for really impressing me with their stuff their artists have been putting out this year

Cr: KyuleeKPOPMV

Unlike 2NE1’s Go Away, with which I had major problems with the tacky acting and excessive DNW CGI, Gain kept this ten-minute business classy and professional – I bought the message the MV was trying to sell, and I bought it hard. I haven’t been so sad after a MV like this since watching 2AM’s I Was Wrong under extreme sleep-deprived conditions or the only SM masterpiece that was Zhang Liyin’s Timeless. This business better win MV of the Year please (and why was Can’t Nobody nominated in place of Go Away?).


Oh, and belated Happy Halloween!

Cr: SHINeeTimes2

My two favorite jailbaits performing on the same stage *o* And shush about the floor-humping, it’s a Michael Jackson move ok?


Day of epic proportions in my personal life

Today’s random post is brought to you by Kim Joe Jang of Cassies-fame.

So I tend to not like to mention things about my personal life here aside from the occasional sarcastic comment or picture or mini-rant, but today was just ridiculous in the amount of, well, ridiculousness that has happened in my life – and of course I mean awesome ridiculousness. Kpop related ones. Wut.

I spontaneously attend a KSA meeting so I can get fed ramen and because I am friends with the secretary, and can thus bribe my way into getting food without paying dues 😛 For the first time ever I was jamming to music I can’t normally jam to in public locations, and I realized I have learned the Soom dance. Too many YG songs, though. Try to Copy Me was played at least twice and there were no new songs aside from Soom. I almost volunteered my iPod *eyeroll*

Sidetracked my bioengineering friend with Kpop video watching. She is lesbian, got a huge kick out of AKB48’s Heavy Rotation PV, and I learned she has a massive crush on f(x)’s Amber (she was upset after I told her Amber is currently AWOL). I am corrupting more students’ lives with awesome irrelevance. I then proceeded to confuse her thoroughly by contrasting Mister/Pretty Girl/Lupin Kara and Genie/Kissing You/Run Devil Run SNSD. Yep, even she was mindfucked about the concept changes (after Lupin, “…were these the same girls…? I recognized the HBIC though, the one they dance circles around in that ass-shake dance?”). CLASSIC.

Had a nice heart-to-heart with a friend, where I was given questionable looking but tasty Korean supplements and was taught the proper usage of the expression, “hyul.” Apparently I’m going to have to shove someone down the stairs and then try this. I have the pronunciation down pat, though (lol, it’s only one syllable, BUT I SOUND LIKE A NATIVE OK???).

…did you know I had a dream featuring G-Dragon plus Big Bang, once? I had to fill in for TOP’s rap in Haru Haru, only to miserably fail. And I talked to G-Dragon like a normal person and learned that OMG he was a really cool dude – very normal, easy to talk to, and cool. IT WAS SO REALISTIC and I think this is my privileged insight into his true mind, so this is how I will see him from the future :DDD /cray cray cray

I watched WGM as we were returning from our ecology lab field trip (but did not download Adams couple this week FML).

I honestly think this is like compensation for me blowing the past couple of exams. Not quite sure yet whether this is good or bad news…

This seriously belongs in elsewhere, but…I’m too tired to be logical.

I’ll be listening to this a lot next week…

Credit: MiChiVisualeuse

Wait until you YouTube muddy cult. Be warned! That MV was a little too visceral for my taste. But Nega’s bipolar musical quality contrasting haunting guitar lines plus piano with suicidal screamo is so soul-wrenching and precious for some reason. Plus, this will make for perfect emo-music as I hit the library for physics tomorrow. Some Kara Rollin’ would so not fit the mood (aka I HATE PHYSICS GO DIE NOW).

Remember that I came upon Kpop from J-rock. I honestly had no interest in music beyond classical and my orchestra/band repertoire until I happened upon a certain J-rock band called Nightmare, and from then on my life became so musically rich, from the current radio pop to underground indie to Brit rock to Swedish metal, and yes, even High School Musical for a week (after which I was so traumatized I don’t even give Glee a chance). I even started singing again, and all was happy and flowers. For some reason, Jpop was never my jam, but I kept on seeing videos of J-rock vs. K-rock and, naturally, J-pop vs. Kpop videos. I’m pretty sure my first Kpop videos were of DBSK, Suju, and the like, but for the longest time I thought boy bands were in general ridiculous.

The first Kpop video that really stuck to me was this, of all things.

Credit: hazerxx

Impression 1: what kind of name was SS501? I just finished the WWII portion of my history course then, and the SS
Waffen definitely came to mind…

Impression 2: o.O wow the dancing was really synchronized. And the guys were kind of attractive.

Then came the Brown Eyed Girls (Abracadabra got me in, but it was their first two albums that made me stay), then Ring Ding Dong, then 2pm, 2NE1, and my life was over. When I started watching 2NE1TV 24 hours before my chem final…er, let’s just say I am extremely grateful for my grades. That was on top of the WGM I was already watching (but thankfully before I found sites with updated subs, so I only had 16 episodes to work with), and once summer started I watched every SNSD variety show in two weeks. The excessiveness burned out really quickly, though, so now I am grateful to have Kpop as a good diversion to keep the equilibrium of my day.

I’m excited to return to normal blogging soon. I am a 2NE1 and Japan Invasion review behind, plus Beast is coming back next week. Look out for a September Top 5 post, first. I still need to get two midterms over with, though, and schedule out 15 hours of mandatory volunteering, all for next week. Organic chemistry went surprisingly well, so I’m comforted (probably false hope >.<) that my hardest course is manageable with some efficient studying. For all you students out there, don't forget to hit the books! It's all about the self-discipline.

OngOng, this is too prection

2AM’s Seulong just tweeted a picture from the filming of MBC’s sports Chuseok special. This is simply too precious.

Jinwoon, Dongwoon, Jaejin, Mir, and Key, you guys are precious. ❤

Super excited for Jinwoon’s ab show because it’s kept so well hidden. Pissed that Hara is not here – I want to see her run a race again without falling to see how much ass she would kick how fast she actually is.

And I realized that I’ve posted so many new things today, mostly irrelevant little stuff XD This blog is turning into a random blabber blog. Since I have my first lovely organic chemistry midterm coming up, I’ll probably not update for 6 +/- 4 days. And life goes on, Djokovic is still my favorite, 2NE1 will make music shows this week fun. And I got into the scholarship program I interviewed for! :3 Thanks everyone.

Gif of the Day

This made me lol.

Fany’s fail!acting ❤
Congrats on the 45k sales, girls. They will rank pretty well on the monthly Oricon (I expect around #10 +/- 5 or so) and I really think they will be able to break 100k in a month, and if not, at least 85k+. More money for their pockets.

Housecleaning before 2NE1’s comeback

So, 2NE1’s coming back 9/9/10 (which is also Zhang Liyin’s debut day, so please wish her a good one, if only because I love her so), and I want to clarify a few things, especially to new Kpoppers, so they can witness their comeback with full objectivity. I don’t really care what CL is wearing, who GD is dating, or who’s the winner of that eternal catfight of 2NE1 vs. SNSD vs. 4minute vs. Sistar (omg, they wear flashy colors, must be copycats) vs. [insert girl group or slightly feminine boy group name here]. However, it gets on my nerves when people start trying to smartass me with the following two comments:

1.) “Minzy cannot sing, she can only dance [and usually insert some reference about ‘humping’ here]”

No no no no no no. There’s a reason her voice is my favorite in 2NE1 – please don’t judge her just after watching an episode of Strong Heart or something like that.

2.) “CL cannot sing, she only shouts”

*facepalms again* Ok, neither CL nor Minzy’s singing will fit everyone’s tastes, but to flat out reject that they can sing is like saying Taeyeon can’t use vibrato (saw that in some AKP thread and cracked up so bad XD).

You absolutely are not required to love 2NE1 at all. However, denying that Minzy and CL can’t sing is just…it just makes me scratch my head. Next time just say you don’t like their style/timbre/something more sensible, please and thank you.

And to spread my Liyin love, here’s her performance at SM Town.

There’s a reason why some guy said “Wow…” at 3:41, ya know. I’m not going to complain (here anyway) about how she only got two songs in the entire 6 hour concert, because I’m just so glad to see her again T__T

I remember when she used to be so nervous for her Timeless lives and would constantly slip up. She’s trained so hard since then – her old songs seem so effortless now, and she seems so much more confident. Can’t wait for some LA fancams.

Credit: 1. BigBangSHINeeWorld – nice name btw
2. choompichocolyn

Korea likes Country?/KIM SEOBANG/Mamma Mia, it’s Narsha!

So I’m casually stalking the charts today, and I see that Homme’s I was Able to Eat Well is doing spectacularly on the charts, and it was even running against BoA last week on Mubank (I think) for the win.

The excessive bromance aside, this song, I agree, is as close to Kpop country as you can get. For those of you who’ve never suffered – err, I mean, experienced, the “joy” that is American country, you may go YouTube some Kenny Chesney or Sugarland (and those are actually decent performers, I’m not that mean) for a crash course intro. Since I lived for many years in a place where the radios are 75% country stations, country’s not exactly my cup of tea. For me, Homme’s song is ok – Lee Hyun is a fantastic singer but Changmin’s voice has never been my favorite, but nonetheless they duet well together. The song’s way too chipper, happy, and country for me. As an FYI, a successful country song must feature some kind of loss – a running joke was that if you play a country song backwards, you regain your dead dog, dead wife, and burned down house. Or the song could be full of how you’re going to take revenge on your cheating significant other – that works too.

Next, for any followers of 4minute: one of their backup dancers is catching a lot of attention because, admittedly, he’s a hottie. Kim “Seobang” (it’s not his real name but a fanmade nickname that stuck) is a Cube trainee and does a lot of back up dancing (if you also follow WGM, he was the guy who danced with Gain on the Mucore special where Kwon performed The Day I Confessed), and he even has his own tumblr dedicated to him, which of course is the sign of ultimate success.

Here’s the exciting news – apparently he will debut soon! I stalked Soompi and found a fanaccount from a fan who went to deliver food to 2AM/BEG:

The dosirak [lunch] arrived and…2AM’s manager came out with a handsome(?) person~ [Kim Seobang!]
He said that he had to call Kyungsun (BEG’s manager) since it was too much stuff…while we waited…
We talked about this and that..I talked a lot today.
The manager…asked if we really donated money..and he said that the person who was with him was going to debut later. The manager said that he is already asked in what team he would be and I said stuff jokingly, like if I should get his autograph beforehand…
I didn’t mention it first but he said immediately “21700000~!!” keke it made me a bit satisfied keke
It didn’t come to my mind back then~ but he was the person who danced with Gain at Kwon’s “The Day I Confessed” stage on Music Core…hm…

So basically Seobang came to help carry the lunch, the manager mentioned he’ll debut soon, and the fan realizes at the end it’s the guy who danced with Gain which = Seobang.

😀 I just enjoy connecting the dots.

Finally, Narsha’s Mamma Mia is released!

Yeah, I won’t be surprised if it gets banned, but again, such a nicely produced song – I swear Narsha’s solo debut was the nicest non-mainstream thing to happen in 2010 – yeah, you can argue her music is still commercial in the end, but it’s pretty clear she doesn’t care what public reception is like and is mostly concerned with experimenting and creating music that defines her. The NARSHA minialbum had a fantastic variety of music, not just your typical “dance track, boring filler ballad, another dance track” – every song was just so unique that it seems like she was creating a work of art, and didn’t care if others found it ugly.

From my understanding, Mamma Mia is about false fronts we create to impress others to hide our true selves – Narsha more or less whores around with a bunch of Caucasian guys (yay racial diversity?) to impress the Sunny Hill girls who follow her around (and another yay for featuring underappreciated artists!), but toward the end of the video, where she locks Sunny Hill out and is with the guys all by herself, her true identity – that of a shy, awkward girl, resurfaces. Then she shuts the blinds and god knows what happens. I give Narsha applauses for showing less-than-the-average-awkward Kdrama kisses, where the actresses look like stiff boards and the guy looks like he’s having a seizure -__-. That’s what age and experience gets you, huh?

And we shall be checking up on the Japan debuts soon! May Fany’s leg heal fast! Ankle injuries suck.

Mamma Mia: BestofAsianTV (O Rly? Lol I jest)