Mastermind: Beast

Beast just won their first Music Bank! 😀 I am beyond ecstatic, and serious kudos to them. They are a group full of talent, and their minialbum is selling well amidst heavy full albums out there from 2NE1 and SHINee.

Let’s talk about their new tracks. Automatically, Beast wins best album title of the year. Mastermind. It’s like Kpop finally stopped choosing cliche/nonsensical English phrases and decided to start reading Foucault. But of course, this seems to not have helped Beast’s Engrish as all as Kikwang still lovably confuses his verb tenses, but Omarion loves Beast, so we’ll forgive them for not being quite so perfect.

And I totally stole this from AA-Chan’s blog.
Cube’s got the aesthetics down pat – gorgeous cover.

Actually, if you have read my earliest posts, you’ll know that Beast really had to work to earn affection from me – I really hated Shock of the New Era for the longest time due to the combination of music style and Engrish. But there’s something I need clarify.

I love Cube as a company. CEO Hong is one of the most respectable men out there in the Korean entertainment industry – he has the business savvy and has worked with the best, as a previous high-up in JYPE. More importantly, he has one of the best understanding of the human psyche I’ve seen in a businessman – the man understands the pain, pride, uncertainty, and general psychology of the adolescent idol so well that he would probably be an excellent teacher or psychiatrist. He also has a very concrete sense of the type of music he wants to make, which is very much reflected in what his flagship groups, 4minute and Beast, perform (’s stuff is a bit different). This is also Cube’s greatest musical weakness – there’s a lack of diversity.

As a listener you must make yourself mold to their music, when it really should be the other way around. Beast’s tunes have more or less stayed true to their debut style, usually heavy electrobeat dance tracks. Half the time their songs sound very generic and the formula becomes predictable: Doojoon/Dongwoon openers, Kikwang/Hyungseung the more technical verses, and Yoseob with occasional Hyunseung backup belting out the choruses, with a sprinkle of Junhyung’s rap. This would be an excellent formula if Beast were just another mediocre group. However, they’re not. Of active boy bands, Beast ranks at the top with SHINee (and Big Bang, whenever they comeback) as outstanding live performers. These boys can sing, dance, and if I were Cube I’d be giddy with joy just trying to get as many line-distribution combinations out of them as possible. Their choreo is, however, always tight and unique, which is what finally drew me into Beast. And if all else fails, PLEASE AT LEAST LET JUNHYUNG SING – his timbre is really rich.

Let’s run through their minialbum, shall we?

Mastermind – standard intro piece, thank goodness it doesn’t outshine the title track this time. I actually really liked the triplet

Soom – Something about this song just seems more sophisticated than Shock. Performed live, it doesn’t quite have the sharpness and complexity of Shock, but it makes up for it musically. I personally really enjoyed the direct integration of “breathe in breathe out” into the choreo – honestly, had they tried to be “creative,” it would’ve just looked tacky. And beginning circle dance? OMG. Once upon a time I had a dream that SHINee would promote Obsession and engage in some kind of epic circle dance/position shift a la Replay, but Beast were the ones to pick up on my brilliant suggestion, so +1000000 brownie points.

Tl;dr: I dig Dongwoon’s long note at the beginning (though the effect is ruined by the rapping), somehow the heartbeat slow start transitions logically into the techno verses and choruses, Yoseob is amazing at belting, I wish they’d let Dongwoon/Doojoon sing at slightly higher ranges/otherwise switch things up, but overall I’m enjoying this song WAY more than I had ever anticipated to. And pay attention to their choreo – there are lots of subtle details that make you appreciate their preparation even more and make Beast flow like one group instead of synchronized individual members. Kudos to Prepix!

Credit: beastofficial

V.I.U. – Please watch the end of the Soom practice video. I have no more comments. It’s a fun song, and Kikwang has a Junho-worthy booty. The song may be forever ruined and/or cherished.

Credit: hawoosin

Break Down – I don’t know why, but I feel like every group has released a song that sounds like this. Actually, scratch that, this sounds like a song taken straight from 4minute’s discography. I’m both happy and miffed at this. Since Beast has considerable vocal talent, they can turn a mediocre song into something enjoyable, and this semi-attempt at upbeat R&B is all too rare in Beast discography. Very generic but still enjoyable.

Clenching with a Tight Fist – Again, kind of generic, featuring Yoseob warbling over everyone else with an occasional Hyunseung appearance (who I just discovered holds back his voice quite a bit for vocal control – there’s talent untapped there). Attempts the angsty but doesn’t quite hit it, but the piano arrangement is lovely, their voices are good, and I nod along.

So congrats, Beast, on your first Mubank! May many more come your way.

Hyunseung you are so weird and adorable ❤


Digesting 2NE1

So, the major points from yesterday’s YG announcement regarding 2NE1 are:

1. 2NE1 will be releasing their first full length album on Sept. 9th. It will feature 6 new tracks and 4 rehash solo pieces.

2. 2NE1 has recorded 10 songs in English under the direction of Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am and of course, Papa Teddy.

3. Will.I.Am will be helping 2NE1 make their U.S. debut, tentatively in 2011, but they will not stay long (so no Se7en repeat here).

4. 2NE1 will be debuting in Japan in early 2011 as well.

5. 2NE1 will have 3 title songs with full MVs from this album, and plan on promoting all three SIMULTANEOUSLY.

6. Lastly, I quote directly from the YGLadies translation, “Teddy is planning to leave the country to produce with other famous producers.” This means Teddy will likely be heading for bigger and better things in the states/Europe in the near future.

This news piece is a bombshell – no matter how many times YG has done it – for Taeyang, for Gummy, for Se7en – I will never get used to the company’s ways of dropping mindblowing announcements without any warning. And now I know better than to believe anything YG says – remember when he said Taeyang’s Solar album was supposed to be released in January? At least he got the J part right. It’s better off to just pray and expect stuff to drop from the sky -_-

So, most people are freaking out mostly about the promoting in the U.S. with Will.I.Am part, but honestly, it’s the least mindblowing part for me. YG has already made it clear that should promotions take place, it would not be for long, no doubt influenced from the previous hardships faced by Se7en, BoA, and the Wonder Girls and the seemingly unbreakable wall for Asian artists in the current American market.

What concerns/excites me the most is 1.) short term, the 3 song-promotions, and 2.) Teddy’s inevitable departure. Three songs will guarantee the crowd playing favorites and shunning at least one song, plus how are they going to promote this on shows, and without over exhausting the girls to boot? And as of right now Teddy is 2NE1’s main producer, and while it was predicable that YG would just be a phase in the probably long and successful career of this talented producer, 2NE1’s musical styles in the future will change. Kind of shocking to think that this might be the last of Teddy’s works with YG. Good luck to the girls!

OMG 2NE1 excuse me spazzing out right now

I WAS SO RIGHT. I AM CLAIRVOYANT. Ok, no I’m not, but I’m thrilled that YG channeled my and every other fan’s desires and decided, hey, 2NE1’s been gone for like 1+ years as a group, maybe they need to comeback.

Yes, they need to comeback. The word comeback is so laughable in Kpop, because heck, the groups aren’t gone long enough to be missed. But omg, apparently YG wanted to play us at our own game, because of all the groups out there, the only group fans miss more than 2NE1 is Big Bang, but at least they have a legit excuse to why they’re gone.

And 2010 has been answering my prayers discography wise – one by one, my favorite artists have been releasing FULL LENGTH ALBUMS. Enough of this minialbum crap. Yes, that’s right, 2NE1 is releasing their first full-length album, appropriately (but not really creatively) titled To Anyone on September 9th, 2010 (and as someone pointed out to me, 9+9+2+1=21 lol). I hope to God there’s a limited edition I can pre-order.

The album will feature 6 new tracks, 4 previously released digital singles (Cl + Minzy: Please Don’t Go, Dara: Kiss {lol a beer cf song…that I really loved}, Bom: You and I, and Try to Copy Me), and 2 bonus lame instrumentals only space-filler songs, THREE title tracks with complete MVs omo omo and production work done by the one and only Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am. Not sure if I sound be concerned more about the sheer awesomeness that is this album or that I sound like a YG publicity tool >.>;

But anyways, this is going to kill the charts. I had hopes SHINee may rack up a Disk Daesung, but with 2NE1’s first mini-album selling like hotcakes in 2009, I can only image what their full-album sales will be. With SNSD/Kara off in Japan (and I’m seriously getting the feeling we’re not going to see SNSD for at least another year), the market is ready for 2NE1 domination. I can see 2NE1 knocking SNSD off the perch like SNSD did to WG when they went off to the U.S. – both groups had about a year of unchallenged domination and their fan support could not have been bigger, but both groups also had very close rivals, and honestly, I see change-over time.

And to all other girl groups in existence or about to debut: STAY AWAY FROM SEPTEMBER. I repeat, do not comeback (you hear, T-ara? Push your comeback date back now – it’s going to be so much worse than the Kara/T-ara skirmish of early 2010 because you’re going to get YG slaughtered if you return now). I’m currently reading The Passage by James Cronin, where terrifying viral vampire monsters bent with blood hunger rip apart human beings. This is what will happen to any group even considering a September comeback.

And Papa YG: I see whatchu doin’ – pushing back 2NE1TV 2 to September. That stuff got me officially hooked on Kpop (and almost caused me to flunk finals).

EDIT: Read a couple more articles. So the September comeback is confirmed, BUT they also recorded an English version. Because THEY ARE DEBUTING IN THE U.S. NEXT YEAR with Will.I.Am’s help. OMG. And Japan, too, if I forgot to mention. Very conflicted feelings about these news. They are so extreme with happiness and oh noes that I might explode, so I will conclude this here and sleep on it.

Girl Group Foursome Comeback, and ALL THAT JAZZ!

Sorry, really digging my Chicago soundtrack for some reason…totally odd, but it kinda fits Secret’s concept?

Sooooo, explosion of estrogen these past two days, as two girl groups made their debuts and two newish groups made their comebacks, and somehow, their concepts were different enough from each other that no one is making comparisons! Or at least they’re too busy bashing each group individually.

Let’s talk about the new debuts first.

I introduce to you, pedo-bait GP Basic! With an insane average age of 13.5 and the maknae still in 6th grade, it’s redundant to say netizens are going batcrazy about their need to stay in school, wtf were their parents thinking, and that they better not be wearing skimpy shorts and be humping the floor or somethin’.

Their debut single contains two tracks, but because the youngest’s rapping voice is just grinding on my nerves (she has good potential, but her voice isn’t developed enough so the rapping just sounds annoying) I will not be listening to LALALA (the…er…B-side track? I did too much J-pop/rock research today. It’s all coming back to me…). Here’s the video for Game (haha video…game, video game XD omg I need to stop sleeping at 3 every day…).

I’m not going to lie. It’s not terrible. I think my tolerance for badly autotuned songs has just built up during late 09-10, because I remember the days where I could absolutely not tolerate UKISS and Beast, and yet today I ended up dancing Mystery in front of my bathroom mirror. The autotune should go, but I find it listenable. The tempo’s too slow and not varied enough for a electro-pop song like Game, though, so its main fault is that it gets a little boring. And these girls should drop the fierce concept – it’s like a monochromatic 2NE1/4minute Jr. I actually don’t care about their age that much considering my best friend made me listen to Kidz Bop 1-12930945 while growing up, and, at the risk of GP Basic bringing on the Miley/Justin trend to Kpop, I think they can safely go down that road without too much bashing. But please, WIPING YOUR MOUTH AND FLINGING IT FORWARD IS NOT A DANCE MOVE. That goes for everyone in Kpop.

Next, it’s the super-leggy models-turned-singers Nine Muses.

I have an unfair prejudice against them. I want to confess that the first healthy obsession I had was Greek mythology. I LOVE me some Greek myth. The fact that they call themselves Nine Muses, after the minor deities of arts, music, and science (and the inspiration for some good Charmed episodes, good times) is just – NO. I’m sure like Girl’s Day, they’ve got some vocal talent under there, but, nononono. Staying away from Greek/Roman myth references/Greek-Latin in general is the best way to make me like you more.

But I feel really sorry for these girls, because they knew right off the bat they would be getting lots of hate for having 9 members – stupid, yes, but the comparison is inevitable, since there aren’t a lot of super-loved 9 member girl groups in Korea right now than SNSD. And then they had to bring that ‘Genie’ beat in – in general I thought the whole dance/concept resembled more of After School’s Bang!, but man, the first 10 seconds sank all hope for them. I was surprised JYP/Rainstone wrote this song, because it sounds so not JYP – there’s no catchy chorus, the beat was too heavy, and it just felt weird. It did resemble other JYP ‘catchsongs’ in one way, in that it doesn’t allow the singers to show off their vocals at all and thus makes for a terrible song to be performed live – if even Yeeun sounds bad in 2DT’s verses, then Nine Muses are screwed. And I’m so disappointed there’s not enough Julien Kang in that MV – it might have been the only reason I watched the MV?

Now for the comeback girl’s. I honestly think Rainbow can compete against model-fierce ulzzang Nine Muses on equal ground looks wise. Looking to climb their way to success in typical DSP fashion after Gosship Gurl and Not Yogurt (DSP – Please suck less), Jaekyung and the Pussycat Dolls Rainbow returns with their digital single, A.

Ok, the MV looks cheap and DSP doesn’t even give Rainbow cool costumes to redeem themselves (DSP 2010 MV review: Lupin–awesome costume/styling, wtf black flakes and moon beds; SS501 – Prince of Persia awesome background, but did you give them scissors for the suits? Rainbow’s was like a combo of the weaker parts of both MVs) BUT I really like the song. It sounds sooo like a 80s beach pop-song, and no autotune! Plus, watch their comeback on Mubank – they all look so energetic when performing, unlike the flopping fish of Nine Muses.

It’s a good song and performance, but why on earth was this only a digital single? Rainbow’s been out of the game for quite a while now, and I know that they’re supposedly releasing some rehashed compilation of their previous singles, but for them to do well on the award shows/charts, they need album sales, and I personally think Secret is going to cream them in digital sales.

One last note on Rainbow: I thoroughly appreciate that DSP gave the non-Jaekyung members that I still cannot differentiate more spotlight. A word of advice from me to them on giving too much love for leader only – deja vu.

Finally, Secret. Ok, so I was VERY excited about their comeback for some unexplainable reason (mostly because the teasers looked so bamf) and was thoroughly crushed when I listened to Madonna and discovered it was Mazik, Mazik Mazik ver. 2.0. Omona-spastic was replaced by the ma-mi-a-ma-mi-a business, mazik was replaced by madonna-donna, the choreo’s virtually the same, and somehow even the backdrop looked identical after watching Magic and Madonna back to back. But thank their lucky stars Mazik 2.0 is much, much better than the original (the costuming, though excessive, was leaps and bounds better than the idk what-you-call-it Magic things).

Hated it the first time I heard it. Then mazikally it began to grow on me, and 12 hours later I’ve flipped my opinion about Madonna 180 degrees. I actually don’t care that it’s basically rehashed Magic anymore – the song is fantastic, the rest of their minialbum is solid (loved the 8eight collaboration), their live performance was very satisfactory, and I now love Jieun forever and ever and ever. Possibly more than Zinger – omo how is that possible. And I feel inspired to review their minialbum, which will happen tomorrow! So yay, expect more Secret spazz 😀

So ranking the four songs? Hmm, if you’d asked me 24 hours ago, I would have said A above Madonna, but Madonna-donna *does the spastic hand wave dance moves* is sooo freaking catchy, and has won my heart.

The list goes Madonna, A, Game, No Playboy. I need to stop being so mean to them.

Speaking of which, I want to make apologies to Girl’s Day. They were my bashing toy since they debuted due to a combination of atrocious outfits and me being in a bad mood, but I took my own advice and tried to walk a mile in their shoes, and actually listened to their EP.

Control blew me away. There are no vocal prodigies in that group, but so far, two of them sing quite above-averagely. And I’m sorry I called Minah the fake-eyesmile girl (hey, that one picture did her no favors), she’s one of the two who can sing. And they’re actually pretty funny on variety. My apologies for their debuting with the wrong song – it happens a lot. I feel like I’m at Confession D:

Finally finally (last thing I promise), Minho’s dancing! I think he was tired/overexcited/nervous because he totally rushed and slipped up on his rap, but no grudges at all, since it was such a fantastic live today – Jonghyun wasn’t ‘flying off the handle,’ Key sounded more like his old self with the deep tone instead of whiny, and Taemin braved his stupid jacket that kept on falling off.

^Yeah sorry guys, I accidentally opened my sarcasm spigot a bit too much here. It’s completely due to the fact I need to sleep but am terrible at staying off my computer X.X

Credit: natsumeluver4, KyuleeKPOPMV, UnknownCarrot160, sweety555288.


Normally I don’t like posting up news articles because there’s better places for that, but this one just kind of caught me off guard.

First, I want to apologize to Secret fans for forgetting them in my 2010 predictions list. 1.) Secret Time was released in April, so I thought they might be done for 2010. 2.) Secret Time came out during a time when I was preoccupied with getting screwed over in school. 3.) I didn’t know Secret (during Magic promotions, I actually thought they were some old group making a comeback after 2 years or something ><) until I started watching Invincible Youth. *humble full bow*

So, Secret will be making a comeback August 12th, a week after BoA-cane. Sunhwa's concept teaser picture is already out, and when I saw it, literally all I could say was WHOA. Like, WHOA.

Considering Secret’s past concepts, it’s not out of left field or anything, but it just looks very clean, sophisticated, mature, sexy even. It looks like a concept I want every Kpop group to do instead of whatever weird stuff they seem to be doing (imagine the SHINee boys doing Lucifer in crisp, fashionable white suits/vests. I would love them even more). I like it.

I like Secret because they can all sing, and that means a lot coming from me. Plus, they’re growing on me with their variety antics. I’m liking where the concept is going, and if their song is decent then the girls can pull it off, because again, omo omo omo, the whole group is talented. And they really deserve a #1. They need to move the hell out of their old dorm now, ok, cause that place is not habitable.

Thanks to AKP and, er, KBS, for the pictures?

Ladies and gentlemen, Se7en returns

And I must admit, I’m drooli–er, I mean, quite impressed. An M!Countdown win with the comeback! Edging out winner last week, miss A (impressive they beat Taeyang again), Se7en is back, people! The only thing I questioned was that pink scarf thing Se7en was wearing for Better Together. Apparently the M!Countdown show was closed during taping for only Se7en fans, but was it just me, or did the girls scream a tiny bit louder when TOP appeared?

That move was genius, by the way. I’m very happy Digital Bounce was performed in its entirely, because it is comparable in popularity to Better Together, and TOP is in it, and we know how he can make a song popular without even promoting (Turn It Up’s crazy chart runs without a single second of promotion? TOP’s golden.). When TOP and Se7en ended the song standing side-by-side, I realized, omg, this is it: it’s Korea’s dominant sex appeal together on stage. Forget all those young whippersnapper ab-flashers: when you put a veteran legend like Se7en and TOP who emits some sophisticated sexiness, it just makes everyone else look novice. Awesome awesome awesome.

Taeyang may have had a good run with his solo debut, but when it comes down to direct comparison, there’s no question why Se7en is YG’s dominant soloist. His stage presence is absolutely incredible, and his performances are always so polished (I’m liking DB/BT even better than Rain’s Love Song, and we know how Se7en was always considered not as good as Rain). His dancing is sharp, but it’s his vocal stability that really stands out for me. Se7en is, of course, not some Kim Jong Kook in pure vocals, but he’s an R&B artists and damn good at what he sings. I noticed that he doesn’t sing some parts of the chorus, but does ad lib during most of the empty spots, and his falsettos are AMAZING–it’s on pitch and sounds effortless. Plus, you can hardly hear the breathlessness that always plagues Taeyang, and Se7en’s vocals are strong until the end.

And notice how Se7en uses his backup dancers to the fullest? People, it’s called active interaction and treating your dancers as an extension of yourself, not just random people who copies the way you move in the background. That’s how you do it, kids.

On a side note, all YG’s music seems to share a very similar style. Just some similarities I picked up were “girl I do adore” used extensively in both Se7en’s Better Together and Taeyang’s I Need a Girl, the ‘airplane’ move used by Se7en and CL and Minzy for Please Don’t Go. To a certain extent, YG’s music is very similar, or at least all papa Teddy produced stuff (did he compose Better Together, also?), because I was pleasantly surprised by the distinct sound of G-Dragon’s self-produced album.

I know I wasn’t as hyped about Se7en’s comeback as SHINee’s, but Se7en just took the title of the most awesome comeback of the summer. That his comeback impressed me that much just through quality alone is enough to demonstrate the talent Se7en has and the work he put in for success. Only one who has a chance to beat him is BoA.

But I still predict SHINee will win Music Bank/Inkigayo simply because the album sales are there, plus Se7en did release his mini-album a few days later. Next week is where it gets really interesting.

Credit: CrazyCarrot350

The 7/23/10 Music Bank Recap

Arie: through my pilgrimage through the land of J-rock, I have never liked a single female J-rock band because it sounded like anime J-pop with guitars. Arie is like the Korean version, and the vocalist doesn’t have a strong voice–hello, since bands only have one frontman for a reason, you’d think they can find someone who doesn’t have to lipsync the high parts? I was totally about to pass UNTIL the main guitarist whipped out a totally kickass solo. Is she rocking an ESP? The crowd was apparently amazed as well. Partially due to the popularity of groups like CN Blue and FT Island, bands are starting to get more support from music shows, which is a move in the right direction.

I can’t listen to Norazo’s Curry anymore, mainly because it’s clearly offending my roommate for very apparent reasons.

The Narsha/Chaeyeon/Miyeon backstage…I don’t understand how they still look so youthful. Kan Miyeon especially. Man, with short hair she might as well be Kara’s Nicole’s older sister (or her mom, now I think about it they look insanely alike).

B2Y: I haven’t heard Crazy until now. This would be quite catchy if the pace of the song had more variety and the guys in the group could sing better live.

Sistar: I finally learned the leader’s name! Hyolyn! Turns out she was also a (wrongful) JYP reject. The song still sucks, but this girl’s growing on me. First, please look at this picture.

It’s for their new Chronos Sword OST (SK has to be the only country for which video games is a legitimate industry you can release songs for…though they release songs for just about everything, from soju to chicken). This is 1/2 Gain (from Sign promotions), half CL. Epic. Also, Hyolyn’s live abilities are phenonmenal. I even struggle hearing some of my favorite vocal powerhouses live, yet this girl belts out everytime, even if the lyrics are ‘push push’ and the sound system sucks. And she’s always smiling ^_^

Kan Miyeon’s stick thing legs are freakin’ me out. But she’s always had this problem since Baby VOX days. As she states that she actually has a hard time gaining weight, I think she has gastrointestinal problems, mainly poor absorption of nutrients by the duodenum. Hey, Mir’s back! Lookin’ super hot today, and I’m glad MBLAQ has returned. Who was the rapper today? Didn’t recognize him (unless Junhyung gained weight…?). Nikki of PopReviewsNow states that she lacks an aura in presence, and I can definitely see that. But she’s got that tender-sad angst face down. Actually, I think that’s a part of the problem–how into a song can you be if you can only make sad expressions (and have wind blowing in your face all the time)? No accidents today, yay. I’m becoming a fan of this girl’s story/music.

Z:EA: They’re going on tour soon, right? I just like to say that Mazeltov pissed off my Jewish friends, and the leader guy started singing off beat. With the MR being louder than he was. He even fails at noraebang.

2wins: When Supreme Team came on stage, it reminded me of something I saw at a drunken party once. At least it looked fun.

Whoa, Suju dropped 6 spots. That’s what happens when the album sales stop.

miss A won K-chart! First, yes, second prediction come true. Next, can the people who say ‘omg why didn’t blah blah win, this song’s so boring’ obviously are not checking the charts. I still don’t completely understand the staying power of this song completely, but this song is KILLING the charts. It’s the hottest single out there. Even after Se7en and SHINee made comebacks, 2 days later BGGG climbed back up to #1 again on most charts (then again a similar thing happened to Queen, which I fail to understand even more). So shut up boy lol. And Suzy’s breathlessness problem is finally solved via handmics.

MBLAQ: I’m glad they’re back, that’s all 🙂 And G.O., you are so handsome clean-shaven. But was Joon wearing a headband?! It looked like a freakin’ bonnet. Burn it. G.O. would be much better off with a handmic thanks.

The Suju/SHINee backstage was just absurdly ridiculous XD. Unexplanably, Key’s new hair made him look cuter instead of manlier.

Is it just me, or does Son Dambi sound better and better live everytime? She’s cool in my book.

Narsha’s costuming costs $3,500 each time? o.O she’s got to be losing money on this one. And she decided to wear my grandma’s tea-set placemats today. But I highly appreciate how loud the Everlastings were today, and today’s backdrop looked pretty good despite looking like cardboard cutouts.

Chaeyeon’s Crazy…another song called Crazy? Her teaser was pretty strip-pole scandalous, but the actual song’s not so controversial though she dares show cleavage lol. Look Look Look is kind of blah–definitely no Two of Us (though I thought that song was kinda dull too). She’s a good singer and a really good dancer back in the day, though. Did you know that Queen of Backup Dancers, Park Kahi, used to dance for her?

Do you know how hard it is for me to go to sleep on time? I did it just so I can stream them on Mucore tonight (Mubank is unstreamable for me due to time difference…2am is ok, but 4 or 5 is pushing it…). Still don’t like Up & Down, but the boys looked so good. Minho looked cheerful and happy? He’s pulling a Taeyang with the smiley eyes thing, and I like it!

So just looked it up, and Lucifer is another creation of SM song-god Yoo Young Jin, the man who’s composed for H.O.T. all the way to SHINee. My Korean friends say his lyrics are really weird. Apparently Mirotic is really deep and philosophical like an Erza Pound poem (though all I care about is the chin-dance). I won’t deny that his songs are semi-formulaic, but I simply love Lucifer too much at this moment. And my apologies to Minho, he actually was rapping the parts I thought Key was rapping. That means he gained flexibility in his rapping style! Yay development.

Their live was, of course, phenomenal. Seriously, it sounds like the CD. Check out the MR removed version–THEY SING SOOO WELL LIVE. At this current moment, I can confidently declare that they are the best all-around live performers (and if they decide to be ballad singers tomorrow they’d be pretty competitive, too). Still disappointed they didn’t do the Jaejoong-Rising Sun throne chair thing for Minho. Is he using the same bar stool Amber was?!

Minho, be like this.

Wow, the fans were sooo loud, and they already have that fanchant down. However, as much as I love Minho being a fighter, the cameraman was so Minho obsessed he missed out on all the epic dance moves including the thousand arm Shiva. >:O

Suju in pink. And Leeteuk shoutout to SHINee! And major Shindong and Donghae gropage on poor Eunhyuk.

…and of course, miss A’s victory. I’d like to note that their digital score won them the show–the public digs BGGG as a song. And Min headbanging at the end = XD.

Where was f(x)? Is their Mr. Boogie promotion really over? After 2 performances as a 4-man group? I feel like SM is giving up on them a little. They’re sticking the members in shows and MCing spots now, so it looks like they’ll have to stay afloat until at least winter. Maybe Yoo Young Jin should have written them a song, too–oh wait, he did. Which was why the lyrics of Nu ABO were so effed up.

Finally, guess who this is!

I simply could not believe that Sandara Park’s hair could be styled like that. I mean, Palm Tree, Phoenix, she’s done it all. Watch out for the 2nd season of 2NE1TV, the show that I unfortunately started during finals week and dragged me into this whole obsessive watching of Korean variety shows mess.

Credit: ShineeOnly, uknowxiah