Dalmatian, please sing more of this in the future

Ok, so I can’t differentiate the three vocalists’ voices yet, but DAMN Dalmatian, that sounded good. Actually, from their previous work and extensive training, I expected them to sing very well, but the good pronunciation is an added bonus (and DayDay attended the University of Maryland? Bonus kudos to him, since I have a HS classmates there).

This is just another classic case of wrong debut song, because First Round was so little kid cute that it destroyed any potential for the boys (more like men, yay no more prepubescent K-Biebers) to run with the badass hip-hop boys image they built up with the concept photos. The clothes with puppy spots should have served as a warning… Regardless, while I was expecting something like 1TYM, the debut song sounded like DBSK’s Hug, hip hop style complete with “woof woof woof.”

First Round wasn’t bad, to be honest – it simply wasn’t what people expected or wanted, and won’t provide Dalmatian with the big break they need. They simply need more R&B and soulful music with a touch of angst (it’s the spice of life, people), give the three fantastic singers parts with more freedom for vocal expression (and harmonies, kthxbye) and keep the rapping tight and neat as it has been. Dalmatian’s a group like the Boss – it has wonderful potential, but need to make that magical match with choice of song and a little luck with the reception from the general public.

Credit: Lackadaisily2