October 27th, 2010: Forever SM Miracle Day

Hey guys, I’m alive. I’ll get posting considering my exams have slowed down. Today, we discuss issues of major impact.

Jjong is taken
Jonghyun of SHINee, and Shin Se Kyung of Highkick Through the Roof fame are officially off the market. They are dating. It has been confirmed by SM and SSK’s acting agency, and fangirls and fanboys (yes, SSK has A LOT of fanboys, so don’t think she’s purely on the defensive) are in chaos.

To say the least, this was entirely unexpected: this involves the hottest rising young actress in Korea, a member of one of the most popular idol groups (with some of the increasingly most crazy fans) from the most oppressive entertainment company in Korea. And it’s SHINee – SHINEE – who has become the group to take the first step toward open relationships. SHINee, the group debuted as the “noona-killers,” the sweet, innocent, young boy band of the industry – not Big Bang, not DBSK, not 2pm, not even H.O.T., g.o.d., or Shinhwa – they are the first band to reveal an open relationship while they are still active within their company. Se7en has a friend now!

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Oh Se Kyung, you are so obvious 😛

What do I think about the timing of the whole thing? To take it lightly, I’d just say SM is stalling to delay SNSD’s Hoot MV (11PM KST now, folks). I’m not really sure what the point of this revelation was as I was spamming Omona.

Which logically transitions us to this next piece of news revealed half-an-hour later.

SM Entertainment has withdrawn their injunction against the members of JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu), which had prohibited the sale of their album, “The Beginning.”

JYJ’s public relations agency, Prain, stated on October 27th, “SM Entertainment dropped the injunction they filed against JYJ on October 21st through the Seoul Central District Court.”

SM Entertainment had previously attempted to prohibit the sale of “The Beginning” on October 12th, as distributed by Warner Music Korea.

Ok, at this point I just about lost it. People started (sarcastically) saying that Amber, Kibum, and DBSK would soon rise from the dead, and for a minute I totally would have believed it.

WHAT IS THIS? It’s not so much that SM has never doe a single act of kindness previously, but instead they are taking a 180-degree stance to how they approached JYJ just a week before. Combine this with being the first company to allow young idols to date freely, and I’m thinking either a coup d’etat just took place in SM or they added something new to their water. Companies retain reputation not through ethical conduct, that much we already know. Nowadays they are entirely dependent upon reputation and consistency in performance, and with that comes consistency in policy. For SM to suddenly change like this implies that they are starting to change the very identity of SME itself.

SME is not simply an entertainment company – as any attendants of SMTown can tell you, to most of the world, it’s a family, the SM family. The upper business echelon targets not only music, apparel, and advertisements at all-too-eager screaming fans, but also the artists themselves – their personality, their lives, their privacy. It’s what makes idoldom so unique and intimate, and scary at the same time. I am all for Jonghyun’s dating freedom, but that SM has publicized and accepted this has just harmed his career, whether we like it or not – like his looks and voice and dancing, his “date-bility” and position as the object of fangirls’ desires was a part of his career.

However, I’m not going to be all party-pooping. I personally think this is a good move – he’s still a human being, after all, and what say we as fans that he can’t enjoy a normal life? Because he’s an idol? Well clearly this move is Jjong’s reply of, “So what if I am?”

So what if he is? What a good question – oppa’s not going to be yours. This may break a few hearts in the short run, but will probably be good in the long run. The fans will probably be less fervent, but simultaneously less “cray cray.”

And about dropping that injunction? About time, SM, because it was a losing game. I’m not even going to label that as an act of kindness, because SM’s claims were pretty much ridiculous – JYJ and their company stated pretty clearly that Warner is only acting as the distributor, and they were in fact NOT double signed. I just see this as SM riding the Jonghyun wave, neatly tucking their disgraceful defeat in there with some semblance of charitably and benevolence.

Now we have to wonder – did Jonghyun willingly expose this, or even made it so obvious SM could do nothing to stop it, or was there some kind of administrative push? Ahh, that’s probably just my conspiracy-theorist side coming out.


Taeyang + Yuri UPDATE

So not really an update. But I do want to give a thorough run through of the Taeyang-Yuri thing for those curious. I don’t ‘ship’ them nor do I actually think they are/will date, but I like both of them and I find the whole story kind of cute and amusing.


Oct. 2009: Seungri and Yuri enroll in the same college (JoongAng Univ.)

Feb 6th, 2010: On KBS 2TV Entertainment Relay Seungri pledges to find Yuri ‘a cool boyfriend.’

May 1st: On the pilot episode of Haha Mong Show, Seungri and Daesung reveal Taeyang has never dated (this I believe has been revealed before). Sooyoung of SNSD reveal that Taeyang’s been to an SNSD concert and was shy. Yuri reveals in a parody-rap that Seungri still hasn’t found him a guy.

May 24th-ish: On Strong Heart, Yuri thanks Seungri for being a good friend and introducing her to lots of people since he’s so social.

July 9th: Taeyang reveals on Strong Heart that he had a blind date with Yuri, and Yuri invited him to the SNSD concert Sooyoung encountered him at. Seungri’s not the middle man, though. And Taeyang. he wants to get a girlfriend this year.

Ahh, love.

OMG This Made My DAY

Thank you DKpopnews!

So this was apparently in Strong Heart. Someone go effing sub this episode now. Wait. It comes out on the 20th. Fml.

Big Band member Taeyang made a surprise confession on the SBS show Strong Heart today saying that “Last winter, I went on a blind date with SNSD member Yuri. Even now we stay in touch and are doing well.”

“Taeyang recently released his first full solo album, Solar, which contains a song titled “I Need a Girl” – was this song a true expression of his feelings?

During the taping of the show, Taeyang stated, “I have never dated. But, this year, I would really like to meet a girl that I like and try dating.” This then caused Big Bang member Seungri, who was seated next to Taeyang, to make this surprise announcement. “It seems that Taeyang-hyung really wants to have a girlfriend. He even went to a SNSD concert without telling any of us other members,” Seungri said.

How serious are they? Well, Taeyang went on to say, “If I was in a really deep relationship with Yuri, I would not be able to make this kind of confession here. We talk often and talk a lot about music. We have become really good colleagues.

Omg this was so out of nowhere. And I just rewatched Yuri in K.Will’s Dropping the Tears MV yesterday. Idk if these two fit, but they would make one hella hot couple.

Credit: DKpopnews
Original: soompi (where else -__-)