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I’m sick. And I have a physics test Friday. THIS SPELLS IMPENDING DISASTER DDDDD:

Cr: milesedi2

OMG MY UNNIE WON INKIGAYO. As I was pulling my all nighter studying, I somehow enjoyed up jumping up and down and screaming with joy as Inkigayo announced the results. I have never been this excited about a music show before in my life.

Mad props to NegaNetwork + Loen for really impressing me with their stuff their artists have been putting out this year

Cr: KyuleeKPOPMV

Unlike 2NE1’s Go Away, with which I had major problems with the tacky acting and excessive DNW CGI, Gain kept this ten-minute business classy and professional – I bought the message the MV was trying to sell, and I bought it hard. I haven’t been so sad after a MV like this since watching 2AM’s I Was Wrong under extreme sleep-deprived conditions or the only SM masterpiece that was Zhang Liyin’s Timeless. This business better win MV of the Year please (and why was Can’t Nobody nominated in place of Go Away?).


Oh, and belated Happy Halloween!

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My two favorite jailbaits performing on the same stage *o* And shush about the floor-humping, it’s a Michael Jackson move ok?


I’m upset. Inkigayo, you suck.

So it’s 4am and I will make a back to back post just because I have the screen-caps up on Photoshop at the moment. 4minute’s been flying back and forth from Japan to Korea to promote on music shows, and of course, on what I believe is their Inkigayo goodbye stage, one of the stage risers collapse. You may YT it if you want (happens around 1:20).

The expressions are priceless but honestly it’s not that funny.

And seriously, their stuff looks really cheap.

But the girls still got through it and even pulled this business off. I’m not even a hardcore 4minute fan (though I’m posting a lot about them…time to diversify), but this just makes me all warm and happy inside.

What’s Trending: too much fanscreaming

My incoherent notes taken during Mucore and Inkigayo. I can’t believe I tried the sleep-for-4-hours-wake-up-and-watch-then-sleep method. ><


Tiffany's surgery allegations are still hot amongst streamers, apparently. The combined power of SHINee comeback/Suju goodbye maxed out the Kpopflash streamers: 4k+, and subsequently the stream crashed a few times.

Was anyone else beside me excited for Kwon's Confession performance? And Gain popped in! Cute. is liked by streamers, but Hyuna seriously was dull. People were commenting that she needs pants? And rumors of 4minute goodbye stage?

No one knows Chaeyeon. Wow, you can tell the stream is populated with quick-to-talk 12 year olds (my apologies if you are a mature 12 year old reader)…young twerps saying she can't dance. Uh, Park Kahi was her backup dancer once upon a time for a reason (Two of Us, people?). Chaeyeon debuted way back in the days, and she’s and old pro who’s work history is 5x longer than most idols whom the close-minded streamers scream for. Respect, people, respect.

MBLAQ sounds more stable today. But I miss Y.

Wow so much miss A hating just on Jia’s hair. “I hate that pink haired girl because her hair’s pink.” I mean I’ve heard of discrimination before but this just kind of makes me giggle then frown.

SHINee’s costume back to shinee style. I like. I just learned taemin has extensions, so I’m feeling better. Jonghyun held like a 2 min note, but he sounds seriously strained today. Omg Mucore camera so much better since they caught the dance moves. I also approved of where Minho is sitting today: it looked Greek pillar-ish

4minute’s back (apparently they were in Japan during Mubank), but IMMM is short today, and is Hyuna’s hair pinned or cut?

Dambi back to her MV costume, good.

No lag during latter part of show. Mucore trended on twitter!

Suju Bonamona, Kyuhyun did his slide, there was a dance break, Leeteuk took off his tie, all was good. The end.

Hey, f(x)’s Luna’s on WGM today! And jinwoon dyed his hair again. Haha, Yonghwa passed his driver’s exam but he took forever. Seohyun passed too! Yonghwa scored high! Informal language time as punishment! I give kudos to Yonghwa–he’s a very patient guy, and two are so much more natural now. It’s fun.


SBS somehow always has the best sound system. Makes no sense.

Oh, so the first performer is the Apple Girl! Her voice is kinda weak for a solo performer, but I really like her song. And holy cow, she must have quite a sponsor, because she had an entire band and string section backing her.

The hosts are so…white today. Sulli must have taken her costuming right out of Kara’ s Honey closet. And lol she is as tall as Kwon. For some reason, I think she’s more comfortable hosting with Yonghwa and Kwon than Wooyoung and Taecyeon.

Jiyeon and Soyeon of T-ara return to perform their OST. Jiyeon’s really growing on me, but vocally she’s no match for powerhouse Soyeon. I wonder what she would have been like should she stayed as SNSD’s leader and why she isn’t T-ara’s current leader instead of Boram.

December sings very well, but they sound like Hong Kong drama singers too much for me, and that stuff has been beaten to death for me.

o.O Omg, what is this, SHINee safe driving song? XD XD such dorks. Ah, but Minho wasn’t there. Must have been prefilmed.

Idk why, but Rottyful Sky’s new song is better than Kan Miyeon’s or Chaeyeon’s. I’m going to look into her. Plus, she has abs that rival’s Park Kahi’s. Wut.

That Black Pearl girl third from left, wearing the whitewashed jeans, is threatening to make it on my exclusive list of top female idol singers.

Yep, Inkigayo is more fun with the new hosts.

Hyolyn and accompaniments got better today. And I think Hyolyn’s become the crowd favorite–lots of cheering for her. This song is a summer favorite in Korea, since it’s actually consistently top 20 on charts, and everyone likes dancing to it *Push Push baby~*.

SHINee look like total hippies today for their interview. And I really want Kwon’s Ray Bans.’s got herself some psycho fangirls–there’s this girl that KEEPS ON SCREAMING through the entire performance, and I think she’s always there for Inkigayo. Junhyun’s back, and so much better than Hyuna.’s vocals stay very true to the recording, and I’ll give it to her for the accuracy.

Teen Top. They look like a bunch of kids, because they are. I have issues with this trend of younger and younger idol groups. I previously drew the line for 94ers, so 95ers are unacceptable for me. Previously, only exceptionally talented artists even dared to debut so young (read: BoA, Lee Junghyun), but now they’re just being pumped out without being trained adequately for idol-dom. I’ll condede that Teen Top is very sharp and well trained, but the problem is that their age conflict with their semi-2pm image. When a bunch of kids who look like my middle school campers from nature camp try to act ‘beastly and dark,’ it just looks awkward and weird, no matter how polished they are.

Kwon is better than Sulli in aegyo. XD

miss A has their own fanclub/fanchants now. So some people accuse them of dancing too provocatively, but is it just me, or do they look really tame compared to After School’s debut or some really slutty stuff happening now like Psycho and LPG?

Chaeyeon’s fanclub must have been given a mic, because they were really loud and it didn’t sound like there were too many of them. And the song is still no better than Kan Miyeon’s.

Narsha’s costume looks good today, but she must be running out of money for wigs, cause that platinum blond one is here to stay. I think she’s getting a little sick of Gain constantly stealing her spotlight–after Mubank the rest of BEG made a stage appearance with her, and most of the MC questions were about WGM and Gain-Kwon. I also feel that Gain’s solo debut will be more successful. It highly amuses me that NegaNetworks says Gain will have a new concept that’s more ‘difficult to understand’ than Narsha’s, and apparently will have a new style of music no one has known before. Gain is going to trend a new genre? Lmao go for it.

People want to kill Sulli now. She gets to have Kwon and Yonghwa, two married men, fawn over her.

SHINee. I thought they’d wait to break out the black costume until Minho returns to dancing, but eh, this is my favorite outfit set (minus Taemin’s headband). Jonghyun’s sounding much less forced today. I learned the tutting dance today!! 😀 The moves in real-time are hella difficult.

For some reason, I think the Inkgayo cameraman likes Taeyang, because his performance was very well shot, versus where they went special effects happy on SHINee. His city lights backdrop was also very nice.

Son Dambi’s corseted backups are back. ‘Chica taa’ still annoys me to no end, but the performance is becoming more bearable for me to watch.

Suju bids goodbye. They’ve had, again, another successful promotion.

Lol Yonghwa announced the winner before it was officially announced XD XD XD.

What’s Trending: MR removed, mistakes, so much more

Your new MCs! Yay Kwon and Yonghwa, proud WGM hubbies XD

TT__TT I forgot about this corner. I have so many things I want to post but I keep on getting distracted by the sheer amount of news coming in/YouTube videos. I’ve watched ep. 1 of Heroes like 3 times already. Yay I managed to stream Inkigayo last week! Congrats to Taeyang, though I believe he won’t win again (I’m betting on miss A–I don’t think SHINee will win on comeback week).

Was anyone else shocked when 2NE1 and TOP popped up? Here I was just about to quit my browser when I heard Taeyang say something about 2NE1 and BAM! There they were. Minzy is so tall and womanly now! She’s growing her hair out! Oh my baby’s going up. CL was like off camera because she was so stage left… TOP was awkward dancing as always XD ❤ Choi Seunghyun and Dara, omg, I just realized how small/skinny she is. Taeyang is definitely somewhat interested in her. But Dara is not at all. Body language tells all. And where is Bom.

Here's my Inkigayo notes:

Narsha: I don't think she sings the chorus (see see see I noticed it before the MR removed came out! She only sang it during the comeback stages. *self pride*…wait…no this is terrible). A pity since everything else is sick. It's not going to rape the charts, but I still love this song.

miss A: Suzy sounds better today. I realized that Fei's really the eye candy of the group. She's a sophisticated pretty. Suzy's the next best.

4minute: Jiyoon is sick. The girl never has to lipsync but she does. Sohyun runs into Gayoon. Jihyun is trying to stop herself from laughing at the beginning.

Taeyang: That girl must be so sick of dancing with Taeyang. His live vocals are getting better. Performance seems more fun today. What if the girl doesn't hold back his hands one perf XD
No GD again. Ad lib on high note again. Smart move. It sounds better. More cuddling and screaming fangirls today.

Son Dambi (entered K-chart below Narsha). Outfit looks less cheap today. Backup dancers wearing corsets though… 1, 2, 3, 4, I DO NOT WANNA. Inkigayo got the lyrics right though (not until you decide). I like Son Dambi but still hate this song. Especially the Engrish.

Suju: other than Leeteuk, it seems the excessive smiling is going away. Oh, and during the Suju Taeyang interview, Heechul kept on walking off camera. Wtf. Eunhyuk found a good balance today–emo when not singing, smiling while singing. Their outfits are much better today. The yellow suits at least look semi-professional on top the jeans.

OMG Heechul and Shindong parodied 4minute's IMMM.

Lastly, so streamers actually had more positive opinions about Narsha than Dambi, but I feel it's about to change. Remember how Dambi was getting blasted about not singing enough? This wonderful YTer winterm3lon makes MR removed videos, which essentially strip the background music to let us hear how well a singer performs live. I already knew that Narsha wasn’t singing her chorus, and now it’s confirmed. Man, she doesn’t sing half the song and it makes me sad, because I know she can, and she chose not to, and I don’t know why. Check out winterm3lon’s page, please, because he/she has the largest collection of MR removed songs of pretty good quality (stripping songs is like chemically stripping paint from furniture–don’t expect beautiful results), and I will defend winterm3lon in that he/she is not an anti and is doing this purely for curiosity.

Yep so check it.

Really random…

So the recent influx of horrible Engrish reminded me of something. Weeks ago I was riding my bike and suddenly a thought popped into my head. It seems you really can’t learn a language unless you become fully immersed in it. Riding around in my small college town, I thought, what if an idol just vanished for, say, 2 years and came here, registered as an international student, and just blend in with the background? No one would ever know them here.

For some reason, Hyori of all people came to mind. She’s wealthy enough that she can take a long hiatus without worrying about being buried by the pressures of promotion. Plus she’d definitely fit in with her not asian at all hair color. Huh, imagine if I saw Hyori walking around campus one winter day, books in hand…that’d be the day.

But, yeah, I totally encourage idol study abroad. For their sake and mine.

What’s Trending: define Jailbait

I like to stream Mucore and Inkigayo because they are on the weekends for me and show at hours that are reasonable for me. The chat community during streaming is a lot more ‘casual’ than fancafes or blog/news sites, and the majority of chatters are foreign, mostly from the US, Europe, and South Asia (you can tell from the occasional tagalong and even Italian). I find this watering hole, interestingly enough, a fun and probably somewhat accurate measuring stick of what foreigners think about songs and what’s trending. So I’ll start a weekly What’s Trending corner, just for fun. I love crass humor.

1. I found this so hilariously random. Jailbait is defined by Urban Dictionary as “an attractive underaged girl who you’d like to bang. But if you get caught banging her you’ll go to jail, so she’s the bait that lures you into the jail cell, hence the term jailbait.” So who’s the jailbait? Whenever Sulli, our MC of Mubank, appears on screen, the chatters go crazy. Jailbait #1. IU, who is 17, is hitting it off with Seulong in Nagging, and she’s apparently hot jailbait.

2. Sistar’s Push Push gets relatively dismissive/negative comments. I lol at whoever came up with the name “the birthing song” XD. Infinite’s Come Back Again is positively received, though streamers are starting to get bored (pink suits twice, and one sharp eyed streamer noted the socks with sandals costuming last week…). This is interesting since in Korea Sistar is doing quite well (and just won rookie of the month) while Infinite is lagging behind. Magic Girl by Orange Caramel is simply hated. But everyone hums along when no one is looking.

3. And of course, I forgot new group miss A’s Suzy Bae. Jail bait #3. XD