Dear Co-Ed:

How did we go from this:

To this?

It’s similar to the concept of that other mixed group that debuted even worse than Nine Muses did (F1rst), but since Co-Ed has at least Soomi of ex-Seeya, they immediately get an up for having a non-whiny, talented vocalist. However, I saw a predebut video of that “Little Goo Hara” girl, Hyewon (or should I say “One Star Hyewon” now) singing, and that girl sings like Hyuna – good projection, poor pitch control. To this day I’m still questioning why Core chose to stick that girl under Hara’s shadow of all people – I can’t tell the facial resemblance at all, Hara’s a DSP artist, and as much as I love that girl to death, she can’t sing (and DSP is too cheap to even train her to be adequate). It’s like calling a girl “Little Yoona” or “Little Sulli.” You are asking for the ZOMGoverrated trolls.

Their stage names are also very DBSK, with some pithy, symbolic epithet before their names:
Balance Noori (가온누리)
Smile Soomi (미소수미)
Rascal Kwanghaeng (악동광행)
Star Light Chanmi (별빛찬미)
Hot Blood Kangho (열혈강호)
Solid Sungmin (알찬성민)
Sage Taewoon (지혜태운)
Sky Earth Yoosung (천지유성)
One Star Hyewon (한별혜원)
One Light Hyoyoung (한빛효영)

^It sounds a lot better in Korean, but still kind of tacky.

However, Core has promised no “bling bling song,” opting instead for a strong, electro beat. Well, you know me, if it’s anything T-ara like I’ll eat it up.

Lastly, I don’t know who this guy is (yet) but this was too funny not to include.

OIC. JYP, SM, DSP – just give me a Lil’ TOP or Mini-zy and my life will be perfect.