Day of epic proportions in my personal life

Today’s random post is brought to you by Kim Joe Jang of Cassies-fame.

So I tend to not like to mention things about my personal life here aside from the occasional sarcastic comment or picture or mini-rant, but today was just ridiculous in the amount of, well, ridiculousness that has happened in my life – and of course I mean awesome ridiculousness. Kpop related ones. Wut.

I spontaneously attend a KSA meeting so I can get fed ramen and because I am friends with the secretary, and can thus bribe my way into getting food without paying dues 😛 For the first time ever I was jamming to music I can’t normally jam to in public locations, and I realized I have learned the Soom dance. Too many YG songs, though. Try to Copy Me was played at least twice and there were no new songs aside from Soom. I almost volunteered my iPod *eyeroll*

Sidetracked my bioengineering friend with Kpop video watching. She is lesbian, got a huge kick out of AKB48’s Heavy Rotation PV, and I learned she has a massive crush on f(x)’s Amber (she was upset after I told her Amber is currently AWOL). I am corrupting more students’ lives with awesome irrelevance. I then proceeded to confuse her thoroughly by contrasting Mister/Pretty Girl/Lupin Kara and Genie/Kissing You/Run Devil Run SNSD. Yep, even she was mindfucked about the concept changes (after Lupin, “…were these the same girls…? I recognized the HBIC though, the one they dance circles around in that ass-shake dance?”). CLASSIC.

Had a nice heart-to-heart with a friend, where I was given questionable looking but tasty Korean supplements and was taught the proper usage of the expression, “hyul.” Apparently I’m going to have to shove someone down the stairs and then try this. I have the pronunciation down pat, though (lol, it’s only one syllable, BUT I SOUND LIKE A NATIVE OK???).

…did you know I had a dream featuring G-Dragon plus Big Bang, once? I had to fill in for TOP’s rap in Haru Haru, only to miserably fail. And I talked to G-Dragon like a normal person and learned that OMG he was a really cool dude – very normal, easy to talk to, and cool. IT WAS SO REALISTIC and I think this is my privileged insight into his true mind, so this is how I will see him from the future :DDD /cray cray cray

I watched WGM as we were returning from our ecology lab field trip (but did not download Adams couple this week FML).

I honestly think this is like compensation for me blowing the past couple of exams. Not quite sure yet whether this is good or bad news…

This seriously belongs in elsewhere, but…I’m too tired to be logical.


8/28/10 Mubank Recap

It’s either my new headphones are allowing me to hear so many dimensions I’ve never heard previously, or that Music Bank revamped their whole sound system, cause EVERYONE sounded phenomenal tonight. Or maybe I’m just so braindead from the first week of school, because the listening experience was beyond enjoyable. Though most people will not feel like it, right now is the height of excitement in Kpop 2010.

Se7en – I’m sad his comeback wasn’t as commercially successful as other comeback artists. His performances are always so tight and engaging (not to mention his live singing is fantastic, and he’s really improved vocally during his overseas ventures) and new artists should take note – after one performance of Better Together, the difference in skills becomes so apparent. I’m also a bit confused why he switched back to promoting Digital Bounce – it’s not a vocal showcase piece, and no TOP. I hear rumors that he’s releasing a full album early 2011, though, so the Digital Bounce minialbum might just be a fanservice.

Once upon a time, I was the biggest FT Island stan in the world – I discovered their music one depressing, snowy winter day, and they were the first group whose music made me cry. The emotional magic just slowly wore off. As great as Hongki’s singing is, I prefer Jaejin’s? *ducks crazy Primadonnas* But as a concession, Hongki sounds fantastic live, much better than recorded, and Jaejin’s always flat *gets bricked again*

Basically, Love Love Love is just another FTI song – it’s good, as are all their songs, but you have to grow to love FTI songs, not the other way around.

Wheesung! I love him, the song sounds like a G.Na sound though.

BoA’s costume is finally fixed today – the grandma flower shit last week pissed me off.

OMG today Secret sounds FIERCE. Even softvoiced Sunhwa sounds loud and confident, and that performance gets me going everytime. It’s so energetic (and they’re #4! I predict a win next week on M!Countdown). Adlibs were spot on.

G.Na – that was hot. I thought her debut song of the thousand word titles (a friend told me it’s closer to I’ll Piss off, have a Nice Life than what it actually translates to, poor Doo Joon lol) was nice, but she’s always emo-faced, had her share of rookie slipups, and that blond hair was not doing it for me. But now Supa Solo comes out – I don’t LOVE the song, but I love her performance. G.Na’s voice, as nice as it is, is still a bit too high and shrill for my tastes – I’d prefer it if a slightly stronger voiced singer sang this (like JeA). However, the hair change, the costuming (I want those boot s NOW), the peek of fun charisma she’s now slowly showing – I’m going to keep an eye on her now. Call it a long stretch, but she could totally be the next BoA – whose voice I don’t totally like either.

Rainbow’s costuming must be pretty economical – all they wear is a different tank top and some booty shorts. Jaekyung is growing on me.

Mamma Mia, Narsha’s back with Sunny Hill – thank God, cause her BRBB totally had me concerned that she was going to spend more than her mini-album will make. Hand mic today, too! There’s a lot more live singing in this one, and as Nikki or PRN would say, OMG I HEAR HARMONIES. That was an excellent treat, and I’m still amazed at how fast Narsha spits out the syllables in the verses – no wonder she collabed with Outsider.

Time to go watch Mucore…

Ladies and gentlemen, Se7en returns

And I must admit, I’m drooli–er, I mean, quite impressed. An M!Countdown win with the comeback! Edging out winner last week, miss A (impressive they beat Taeyang again), Se7en is back, people! The only thing I questioned was that pink scarf thing Se7en was wearing for Better Together. Apparently the M!Countdown show was closed during taping for only Se7en fans, but was it just me, or did the girls scream a tiny bit louder when TOP appeared?

That move was genius, by the way. I’m very happy Digital Bounce was performed in its entirely, because it is comparable in popularity to Better Together, and TOP is in it, and we know how he can make a song popular without even promoting (Turn It Up’s crazy chart runs without a single second of promotion? TOP’s golden.). When TOP and Se7en ended the song standing side-by-side, I realized, omg, this is it: it’s Korea’s dominant sex appeal together on stage. Forget all those young whippersnapper ab-flashers: when you put a veteran legend like Se7en and TOP who emits some sophisticated sexiness, it just makes everyone else look novice. Awesome awesome awesome.

Taeyang may have had a good run with his solo debut, but when it comes down to direct comparison, there’s no question why Se7en is YG’s dominant soloist. His stage presence is absolutely incredible, and his performances are always so polished (I’m liking DB/BT even better than Rain’s Love Song, and we know how Se7en was always considered not as good as Rain). His dancing is sharp, but it’s his vocal stability that really stands out for me. Se7en is, of course, not some Kim Jong Kook in pure vocals, but he’s an R&B artists and damn good at what he sings. I noticed that he doesn’t sing some parts of the chorus, but does ad lib during most of the empty spots, and his falsettos are AMAZING–it’s on pitch and sounds effortless. Plus, you can hardly hear the breathlessness that always plagues Taeyang, and Se7en’s vocals are strong until the end.

And notice how Se7en uses his backup dancers to the fullest? People, it’s called active interaction and treating your dancers as an extension of yourself, not just random people who copies the way you move in the background. That’s how you do it, kids.

On a side note, all YG’s music seems to share a very similar style. Just some similarities I picked up were “girl I do adore” used extensively in both Se7en’s Better Together and Taeyang’s I Need a Girl, the ‘airplane’ move used by Se7en and CL and Minzy for Please Don’t Go. To a certain extent, YG’s music is very similar, or at least all papa Teddy produced stuff (did he compose Better Together, also?), because I was pleasantly surprised by the distinct sound of G-Dragon’s self-produced album.

I know I wasn’t as hyped about Se7en’s comeback as SHINee’s, but Se7en just took the title of the most awesome comeback of the summer. That his comeback impressed me that much just through quality alone is enough to demonstrate the talent Se7en has and the work he put in for success. Only one who has a chance to beat him is BoA.

But I still predict SHINee will win Music Bank/Inkigayo simply because the album sales are there, plus Se7en did release his mini-album a few days later. Next week is where it gets really interesting.

Credit: CrazyCarrot350

Predictions for the rest of 2010

So with 2010 more than half-ways behind us, I decided to make a little prediction on who’s coming back when.
Red = comeback confirmed, Purple = my guess only

August is going to be a fun month, with Se7en, SHINee, and BoA all actively promoting. I think this will be better than the Rain-Hyori-2pm clash during May (especially since I believe the August contenders are musically a little more standout at this point). T-ara is confirmed for an album (full album? But my prayers are never answered that well…) in September/October. Rainbow will be back September, hopefully with much improvement from Gossip Girl. Both Kahi and Gain have solo activities lined up for September, ironic that it’s yet another Pledis/NegaNetwork clash after Son Dambi/Narsha.

For my predictions, I see a 50/50 chance of 2NE1–rumors are they are already working on choreo/album, but for some reason I don’t feel a comeback. But they have to. So either they’ll come out early, say September or early October at the latest, or not at all.

Will the Wonder Girls return to Korea? Their summer was hella hectic, but I feel 2DT was too rushed and didn’t really make an impact. If they have plans, it’ll not be until 2011. Similarly, I think 2pm is going to be back either really late 2010 or early 2011. However, I feel the 2AM boys will be back in October/November. They only have one mini-album under their belts since debut, so a full album is due.

4minute is done for the year, especially with Japan promotions. MBLAQ is probably also done, but a late 2010 comeback is remotely possible. I feel BEAST will be back in November. They’ve more or less wrapped up overseas promotions and it’s been a while since Shock of the New Era.

I don’t predict anything from the Soshi girls in 2010 since I think they’re the only group preparing to enter Japan seriously (meaning long-term), but SM might have changed strategies after DBSK/BoA, so a late-year mini-album is possible. Big Bang seems to still be promoting in Japan, with their new single Beautiful Hangover soon to be released, so I don’t think we’ll see them until 2011. But do remember T.O.P. was working on an album before he started filming Into the Fire, so expect that to drop late 2010/early 2011 before any Big Bang comebacks.

Kara is sticking around in Japan for only about a month, so I predict they may pop out a mini-album in December (a third album would be nice, too). Some sixth sense (that does not see dead people, tyvm) tells me Brown Eyed Girls will be back in action in December. SIGN was so long ago. UKISS, too, has been missing, since Man Man Hani, so they might return in November/December. After School won’t return as a full group until their last subunit promotes, so it’s 2011 for them. f(x) needs a late year mini-album turnaround, but I just feel SM is semi-giving up.

The New Year will be interesting indeed. By that time, maybe miss A will release a second mini-album! Talk about time and progression–rookies don’t stay rookies for long, do they? Let’s check back on this in 2011 and see how many I got right.