Day of epic proportions in my personal life

Today’s random post is brought to you by Kim Joe Jang of Cassies-fame.

So I tend to not like to mention things about my personal life here aside from the occasional sarcastic comment or picture or mini-rant, but today was just ridiculous in the amount of, well, ridiculousness that has happened in my life – and of course I mean awesome ridiculousness. Kpop related ones. Wut.

I spontaneously attend a KSA meeting so I can get fed ramen and because I am friends with the secretary, and can thus bribe my way into getting food without paying dues 😛 For the first time ever I was jamming to music I can’t normally jam to in public locations, and I realized I have learned the Soom dance. Too many YG songs, though. Try to Copy Me was played at least twice and there were no new songs aside from Soom. I almost volunteered my iPod *eyeroll*

Sidetracked my bioengineering friend with Kpop video watching. She is lesbian, got a huge kick out of AKB48’s Heavy Rotation PV, and I learned she has a massive crush on f(x)’s Amber (she was upset after I told her Amber is currently AWOL). I am corrupting more students’ lives with awesome irrelevance. I then proceeded to confuse her thoroughly by contrasting Mister/Pretty Girl/Lupin Kara and Genie/Kissing You/Run Devil Run SNSD. Yep, even she was mindfucked about the concept changes (after Lupin, “…were these the same girls…? I recognized the HBIC though, the one they dance circles around in that ass-shake dance?”). CLASSIC.

Had a nice heart-to-heart with a friend, where I was given questionable looking but tasty Korean supplements and was taught the proper usage of the expression, “hyul.” Apparently I’m going to have to shove someone down the stairs and then try this. I have the pronunciation down pat, though (lol, it’s only one syllable, BUT I SOUND LIKE A NATIVE OK???).

…did you know I had a dream featuring G-Dragon plus Big Bang, once? I had to fill in for TOP’s rap in Haru Haru, only to miserably fail. And I talked to G-Dragon like a normal person and learned that OMG he was a really cool dude – very normal, easy to talk to, and cool. IT WAS SO REALISTIC and I think this is my privileged insight into his true mind, so this is how I will see him from the future :DDD /cray cray cray

I watched WGM as we were returning from our ecology lab field trip (but did not download Adams couple this week FML).

I honestly think this is like compensation for me blowing the past couple of exams. Not quite sure yet whether this is good or bad news…

This seriously belongs in elsewhere, but…I’m too tired to be logical.


Korea likes Country?/KIM SEOBANG/Mamma Mia, it’s Narsha!

So I’m casually stalking the charts today, and I see that Homme’s I was Able to Eat Well is doing spectacularly on the charts, and it was even running against BoA last week on Mubank (I think) for the win.

The excessive bromance aside, this song, I agree, is as close to Kpop country as you can get. For those of you who’ve never suffered – err, I mean, experienced, the “joy” that is American country, you may go YouTube some Kenny Chesney or Sugarland (and those are actually decent performers, I’m not that mean) for a crash course intro. Since I lived for many years in a place where the radios are 75% country stations, country’s not exactly my cup of tea. For me, Homme’s song is ok – Lee Hyun is a fantastic singer but Changmin’s voice has never been my favorite, but nonetheless they duet well together. The song’s way too chipper, happy, and country for me. As an FYI, a successful country song must feature some kind of loss – a running joke was that if you play a country song backwards, you regain your dead dog, dead wife, and burned down house. Or the song could be full of how you’re going to take revenge on your cheating significant other – that works too.

Next, for any followers of 4minute: one of their backup dancers is catching a lot of attention because, admittedly, he’s a hottie. Kim “Seobang” (it’s not his real name but a fanmade nickname that stuck) is a Cube trainee and does a lot of back up dancing (if you also follow WGM, he was the guy who danced with Gain on the Mucore special where Kwon performed The Day I Confessed), and he even has his own tumblr dedicated to him, which of course is the sign of ultimate success.

Here’s the exciting news – apparently he will debut soon! I stalked Soompi and found a fanaccount from a fan who went to deliver food to 2AM/BEG:

The dosirak [lunch] arrived and…2AM’s manager came out with a handsome(?) person~ [Kim Seobang!]
He said that he had to call Kyungsun (BEG’s manager) since it was too much stuff…while we waited…
We talked about this and that..I talked a lot today.
The manager…asked if we really donated money..and he said that the person who was with him was going to debut later. The manager said that he is already asked in what team he would be and I said stuff jokingly, like if I should get his autograph beforehand…
I didn’t mention it first but he said immediately “21700000~!!” keke it made me a bit satisfied keke
It didn’t come to my mind back then~ but he was the person who danced with Gain at Kwon’s “The Day I Confessed” stage on Music Core…hm…

So basically Seobang came to help carry the lunch, the manager mentioned he’ll debut soon, and the fan realizes at the end it’s the guy who danced with Gain which = Seobang.

😀 I just enjoy connecting the dots.

Finally, Narsha’s Mamma Mia is released!

Yeah, I won’t be surprised if it gets banned, but again, such a nicely produced song – I swear Narsha’s solo debut was the nicest non-mainstream thing to happen in 2010 – yeah, you can argue her music is still commercial in the end, but it’s pretty clear she doesn’t care what public reception is like and is mostly concerned with experimenting and creating music that defines her. The NARSHA minialbum had a fantastic variety of music, not just your typical “dance track, boring filler ballad, another dance track” – every song was just so unique that it seems like she was creating a work of art, and didn’t care if others found it ugly.

From my understanding, Mamma Mia is about false fronts we create to impress others to hide our true selves – Narsha more or less whores around with a bunch of Caucasian guys (yay racial diversity?) to impress the Sunny Hill girls who follow her around (and another yay for featuring underappreciated artists!), but toward the end of the video, where she locks Sunny Hill out and is with the guys all by herself, her true identity – that of a shy, awkward girl, resurfaces. Then she shuts the blinds and god knows what happens. I give Narsha applauses for showing less-than-the-average-awkward Kdrama kisses, where the actresses look like stiff boards and the guy looks like he’s having a seizure -__-. That’s what age and experience gets you, huh?

And we shall be checking up on the Japan debuts soon! May Fany’s leg heal fast! Ankle injuries suck.

Mamma Mia: BestofAsianTV (O Rly? Lol I jest)

What’s Trending: too much fanscreaming

My incoherent notes taken during Mucore and Inkigayo. I can’t believe I tried the sleep-for-4-hours-wake-up-and-watch-then-sleep method. ><


Tiffany's surgery allegations are still hot amongst streamers, apparently. The combined power of SHINee comeback/Suju goodbye maxed out the Kpopflash streamers: 4k+, and subsequently the stream crashed a few times.

Was anyone else beside me excited for Kwon's Confession performance? And Gain popped in! Cute. is liked by streamers, but Hyuna seriously was dull. People were commenting that she needs pants? And rumors of 4minute goodbye stage?

No one knows Chaeyeon. Wow, you can tell the stream is populated with quick-to-talk 12 year olds (my apologies if you are a mature 12 year old reader)…young twerps saying she can't dance. Uh, Park Kahi was her backup dancer once upon a time for a reason (Two of Us, people?). Chaeyeon debuted way back in the days, and she’s and old pro who’s work history is 5x longer than most idols whom the close-minded streamers scream for. Respect, people, respect.

MBLAQ sounds more stable today. But I miss Y.

Wow so much miss A hating just on Jia’s hair. “I hate that pink haired girl because her hair’s pink.” I mean I’ve heard of discrimination before but this just kind of makes me giggle then frown.

SHINee’s costume back to shinee style. I like. I just learned taemin has extensions, so I’m feeling better. Jonghyun held like a 2 min note, but he sounds seriously strained today. Omg Mucore camera so much better since they caught the dance moves. I also approved of where Minho is sitting today: it looked Greek pillar-ish

4minute’s back (apparently they were in Japan during Mubank), but IMMM is short today, and is Hyuna’s hair pinned or cut?

Dambi back to her MV costume, good.

No lag during latter part of show. Mucore trended on twitter!

Suju Bonamona, Kyuhyun did his slide, there was a dance break, Leeteuk took off his tie, all was good. The end.

Hey, f(x)’s Luna’s on WGM today! And jinwoon dyed his hair again. Haha, Yonghwa passed his driver’s exam but he took forever. Seohyun passed too! Yonghwa scored high! Informal language time as punishment! I give kudos to Yonghwa–he’s a very patient guy, and two are so much more natural now. It’s fun.


SBS somehow always has the best sound system. Makes no sense.

Oh, so the first performer is the Apple Girl! Her voice is kinda weak for a solo performer, but I really like her song. And holy cow, she must have quite a sponsor, because she had an entire band and string section backing her.

The hosts are so…white today. Sulli must have taken her costuming right out of Kara’ s Honey closet. And lol she is as tall as Kwon. For some reason, I think she’s more comfortable hosting with Yonghwa and Kwon than Wooyoung and Taecyeon.

Jiyeon and Soyeon of T-ara return to perform their OST. Jiyeon’s really growing on me, but vocally she’s no match for powerhouse Soyeon. I wonder what she would have been like should she stayed as SNSD’s leader and why she isn’t T-ara’s current leader instead of Boram.

December sings very well, but they sound like Hong Kong drama singers too much for me, and that stuff has been beaten to death for me.

o.O Omg, what is this, SHINee safe driving song? XD XD such dorks. Ah, but Minho wasn’t there. Must have been prefilmed.

Idk why, but Rottyful Sky’s new song is better than Kan Miyeon’s or Chaeyeon’s. I’m going to look into her. Plus, she has abs that rival’s Park Kahi’s. Wut.

That Black Pearl girl third from left, wearing the whitewashed jeans, is threatening to make it on my exclusive list of top female idol singers.

Yep, Inkigayo is more fun with the new hosts.

Hyolyn and accompaniments got better today. And I think Hyolyn’s become the crowd favorite–lots of cheering for her. This song is a summer favorite in Korea, since it’s actually consistently top 20 on charts, and everyone likes dancing to it *Push Push baby~*.

SHINee look like total hippies today for their interview. And I really want Kwon’s Ray Bans.’s got herself some psycho fangirls–there’s this girl that KEEPS ON SCREAMING through the entire performance, and I think she’s always there for Inkigayo. Junhyun’s back, and so much better than Hyuna.’s vocals stay very true to the recording, and I’ll give it to her for the accuracy.

Teen Top. They look like a bunch of kids, because they are. I have issues with this trend of younger and younger idol groups. I previously drew the line for 94ers, so 95ers are unacceptable for me. Previously, only exceptionally talented artists even dared to debut so young (read: BoA, Lee Junghyun), but now they’re just being pumped out without being trained adequately for idol-dom. I’ll condede that Teen Top is very sharp and well trained, but the problem is that their age conflict with their semi-2pm image. When a bunch of kids who look like my middle school campers from nature camp try to act ‘beastly and dark,’ it just looks awkward and weird, no matter how polished they are.

Kwon is better than Sulli in aegyo. XD

miss A has their own fanclub/fanchants now. So some people accuse them of dancing too provocatively, but is it just me, or do they look really tame compared to After School’s debut or some really slutty stuff happening now like Psycho and LPG?

Chaeyeon’s fanclub must have been given a mic, because they were really loud and it didn’t sound like there were too many of them. And the song is still no better than Kan Miyeon’s.

Narsha’s costume looks good today, but she must be running out of money for wigs, cause that platinum blond one is here to stay. I think she’s getting a little sick of Gain constantly stealing her spotlight–after Mubank the rest of BEG made a stage appearance with her, and most of the MC questions were about WGM and Gain-Kwon. I also feel that Gain’s solo debut will be more successful. It highly amuses me that NegaNetworks says Gain will have a new concept that’s more ‘difficult to understand’ than Narsha’s, and apparently will have a new style of music no one has known before. Gain is going to trend a new genre? Lmao go for it.

People want to kill Sulli now. She gets to have Kwon and Yonghwa, two married men, fawn over her.

SHINee. I thought they’d wait to break out the black costume until Minho returns to dancing, but eh, this is my favorite outfit set (minus Taemin’s headband). Jonghyun’s sounding much less forced today. I learned the tutting dance today!! 😀 The moves in real-time are hella difficult.

For some reason, I think the Inkgayo cameraman likes Taeyang, because his performance was very well shot, versus where they went special effects happy on SHINee. His city lights backdrop was also very nice.

Son Dambi’s corseted backups are back. ‘Chica taa’ still annoys me to no end, but the performance is becoming more bearable for me to watch.

Suju bids goodbye. They’ve had, again, another successful promotion.

Lol Yonghwa announced the winner before it was officially announced XD XD XD.

Where to watch subbed WGM and other stuff

So I’m a huge sucker for the MBC show We Got Married, and if you haven’t heard of it before, essentially two Korean celebrities join in a pretend marriage and have to live with each other and do all kinds of missions, creating endless opportunities for hilarity. And whenever the couple starts “skinship” (aka begin holding hands -__-) we the audience giggle and gasp like little elementary schoolers at a magic show.

Most recently the show has been taken over by idols ever after the Adam Couple of Gain and Jo Kwon helped revive season 2 from near death. Now 2 other couples, of SNSD’s Seohyun and CN Blue’s Jung Yonghwa and 2pm’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria have also entered WGM for an 100% idol-loving couplefest.

It took me forever to locate all the YouTube channels that sub each couple, so I thought I’d at least share what I’ve gathered.

Adams (Gain-Jo Kwon):
snjeung1 has the quickest subs I know of, and has since started hardsubbing so you can download the subs easier. She also subs other BEG related goodies like Heroes.
Kkaplinesubs has, I think, the nicest, most complete translations, plus they upload on Dailymotion so the videos are less likely to be removed! They release slower than most groups, but the product is nice.
And of course, T2ssubs’s WGM channel of lovely 2OneDay subs all your OneDay related needs.

Yongseo (Seohyun-Yonghwa)
Yukiandjudy amaze me with their speed of translating. I am in awe–within 24 hours of live broadcast, they’d be done.
Rundevilrunsubs is a nice project that provides slightly more complete subs.

Khuntoria (Victoria-Nichkhun)
T2ssubs releases Khuntoria before Adam, so this is the fastest access to subbed Khuntoria episodes.
Affxtion (f(x)’s international forum) has also started subbing (and I think they are still doing Invincible Youth), though you need to be a registered member of the forum with 30+ posts to download (YouTube kept on removing their videos).

Keep in mind YouTube channels are constantly banned and new channels are made, so keep updated through their Twitter and I’ll try to update this page should anything change.